Spotted: The Most Naked You’ve Ever Seen Harry Styles

Gather ’round, Upper East Siders, for I have quite the scandalous picture for your pretty little eyes to feast on! A photo of our little British boy crush Harry Styles is making its way around my circle, and of course I just had to share.

Could it be? Could H really be in the buff as he watches a boxing match with his mates? It certainly appears that way, doesn’t it, dolls? In the pic, which was posted and then quickly deleted (don’t you just love it when that happens?) by Harry’s cousin Matt Selley, the tatted up singer seems to only be wearing a rather dreadful purple head scarf and nothing else. Of course, his naughty bits are covered by his cousin’s head and a strategically placed hand. But I suppose it’s enough to tease and please all those Directioners, n’est-ce pas?

harry styles naked


Do you think Harry and team planned this pic perfectly to get some buzz, or did the camera really just capture him in his natural environment?

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  1. alex walter Said:

    Kip it on bro……

  2. Jorge Said:

    sexiest mudder fudder ever to walk the earth… i hope he comes down south more often, i believe i am gay for him.

  3. Petra Said:

    I think he had a swimsuit or something like that on the original pic but now, who cares, this is much better haha

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