Does Harry Styles Have a New Girlfriend? This Model Claims She’s Dating Him!

If I had a Birkin for every boy who’s claimed to be my beau, I’d put Hermes out of business. That’s just something every It Girl puts up with. And something tells me, It Boy Harry Styles can totes commiserate.

Eighteen year old narcissist “model” Paige Reifler, who loudly brags about Orlando Bloom having a crush on her (he texted her once), is now telling British newspapers that she and Harry are tres a thing.


“I went to the Warner party at Shoreditch House with a friend and saw him there,” said the New Yorker blonde. “The next morning I woke up and I was in all of the newspapers and magazines. I wasn’t expecting that, it’s not like that in New York.”

It’s not like that in NYC, Paige, because no one cares about you and thus don’t bother to report on who you see and when. But when asked point blank if she and Harry were dating, she confidently replied “Yes, I am seeing him.”

Ok Paige, whatever you say. I didn’t realize that a one-night, ahem, “hang out session” qualified as a full fledged romance. She certainly wouldn’t be the first girl that Harry has been “dating” from the hours of 9pm to 8am.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

My crush on Harry has totally cooled, so I couldn’t care less who he dates. I just wish these girls would stop confusing their fling for a GF/BF situation because Harry isn’t settling down anytime soon.

Do you believe that his “romance” with Paige is the real deal or will he “accidentally” lose her number before you even finish reading this?


  1. Cassandra Said:

    Is it me or does GG sound a little bit Jealous?

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