Harry Styles on Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance: It Was Boring!

Say what, Harry Styles? The One Direction hottie doesn’t see what all the fuss was about when it comes to Miley Cyrus’ humiliatingly awful VMA performance.

“I thought it was vanilla,” he sniffed. “I would feel comfortable watching it with my grandma.”

Uh, really?

He must have some grandmother. While I agree that it wasn’t particularly sexy–merely just vulgar–I wouldn’t watch it with anyone. It’s really not polite to gag in front of others, darlings. For more from the 1D boys, check out their recent interview and see what Harry has to say on Taylor Swift telling him to STFU! XOXO.

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  1. Rose Said:

    If you watched the video where he said it, the sarcasm was dripping from his mouth like extra cheese on a pizza

  2. Ruby Said:

    You seem to be missing the bit out where you say sarcasm was oozing out of every pore of his body.

  3. Jen Said:

    he’s just being sarcastic

  4. Haley Said:

    I hope you are kidding me. Any human being with an ounce of brain would’ve realised it’s sarcasm.

  5. Prettygirl Said:

    Really Gossip Girl?? You clearly don’t know ANYTHING about english people! Get your nose out of “the upper east side” for a change! It’s good for you! Some times you can be so ignorant, it amazes me!

  6. Laura Cabral Said:

    he was sarcastic

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