Harry Styles Proposed to a Fan?!

Spotted: A One Direction fan wearing a white gown shaped like a pastry at the band’s Philadelphia concert. Yes, a girl actually showed up to sing along to the Best Song Ever in a wedding dress. Think that’s weird? The plot thickens…



The poofy dress must have caught Harry Styles‘ eye because the bride-to-be received quite the shout-out from the stage:

“Will you marry me?…,” he screamed into the microphone “There’s been a plot twist.” The whole audience shrieks as if Harry, one of the hottest bachelors out there right now (well, if he cuts his hair…) is actually going to become become betrothed to a woman who showed up to a concert in a wedding dress. Silly girls!

Oh, Harry. You’ve teased us with these fake proposals many times now. Haven’t you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? When you finally propose to me, I might not actually believe it’s real. XOXO


  1. Morgan Said:

    Uhm, if he cut his hair? excuse you? His hair is fine, why don’t you write how horrible people are treating him?
    “Fans” are showing up to concerts saying he needs to wash his hair and cut it. That is so messed up!!!
    His hair is so good looking on him, He could go bald for all i care, He is a cupcake. Leave him alone

  2. Stéphanie Said:

    I love your music you are son cool

  3. Fidan Said:

    @morgan I wouldn’t eat an ugly cupcake..

  4. Vicky Said:

    @morgan you are completely right. I love his hair and I think he looks hot either way. And I would obviously eat ugly cupcake if it was as yummy as Harry ;)

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