Harry Styles Reveals Liam Payne’s Pick Up Line

I’m not sure why Liam Payne thinks he needs a pick up line outside of “Hello love, I’m Liam Payne” but the newly-single One Direction hottie apparently has a sure-fire way of getting in good with the ladies, says bandmate Harry Styles: make them laugh!

“I once went out with Liam and he has some funny chat-up lines,” Harry tattled. “He went up to a girl and said, ‘Do you have a [bandage] because I hurt my knee when I fell for you?!'”

One Direction pose for pictures in Las Vegas


LE GROAN, darlings. I must say, I don’t care how famous a fellow was, if he dropped one of those idiotic puns on me, he’d find a glass of champs tossed in his lap before he could say “denied”! But…I suppose that if it were Liam pouring on the dorky charm, I may be persuaded to hear what else he had to say.

Tell me loves, what’s the lamest come-on you’ve heard, and did it work? And what would you want the 1D lads to say to you if you encountered them in a bar?

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    wait if liam said that to me i would die

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