Would You Buy The Shirt Off Harry Styles’ Back?

If you can’t date Harry Styles (yet) the next best thing would be to own a piece of his wardrobe, n’est ce pas? If you agree then you happen to be in luck; Harry’s Burberry leopard print tee shirt, which he wore to the line’s Paris Fashion Week runway show in September, is being auctioned off for charity on November 13.

harry styles


The shirt is worth about $300 but auction organizers estimate that it’ll fetch well over $1,000, so start saving up your allowance now, minions.

And no darlings, it hasn’t been washed, which means it’ll still smell like our delicious One Direction lad. But what scent do you imagine that is, minions? Detergent and soap? Burberry cologne? Cigs and coffee? Personally I’ve always wondered why more celebrity garments aren’t auctioned off. Stars, especially It Girls, so rarely wear a piece more than a few times–why not make a few bucks for a good cause and delight¬†your most rabid fans, as well?

But, if you’re not overly smitten with Mr. Styles’ styles, then a number of other items are hitting the auction block too, including a suit signed by David Beckham, with all proceeds going to UNICEF.

So darlings, tell me if you’ll be saving your pennies to bid on Harry’s hand-me-downs and, most, importantly, what you imagine¬†Eau du Styles would smell like…XOXO.


  1. unknown Said:

    i thought harry was gay?

  2. Eugenia Said:

    How delicate to smell Harry’s own personal BO… No thank you, I’d rather buy a David Beckham signed shirt.

  3. Mayang Said:

    I’d love to have Harry’s shirt, because I know it’s very expensive from the original store, which is he bought it from Burberry right? Hihi, I almost know every single clothes that Harry bough lately!!! Yayyyy!!!

  4. Mayang Said:


  5. Avery Said:

    I don’t want to buy his fucking clothes because I’m not an obsessive fan girl that’s stalker-ish and saying on Wattpad that I’m suicidal and depressed then go on Harry’s Twitter and say, “I WOULD KILL MYSELF TO MEET YOU! GIVE ME YER UNDIES @harrystyles”

    Fangirls – obsessive girls who are insane and bleed out attention after getting it.

    Well, while they are making meaningless fanfictions I can do something productive at least.

  6. http://bisi.pl/bustedfornow Said:

    See WHAT THEY DID, it’s simply great: http://bisi.pl/bustedfornow

  7. Babestyles Said:

    I love him. Just whatever he does. I love him.

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