Harry Styles & Taylor Swift: Getting Back Together?

Never say, Like…ever,” darlings. I hear that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are on the verge of rekindling their romance again (again) after a series of make-up talks in London this week. And, my minions whisper that the pair will make their first public outing as a re-re-reunited couple at this weekend’s NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France, this weekend.

Harry is also said to be planning a few romantic gestures while the pair are in France, since they’re staying at the same hotel. Taylor, for her part, has realized that she was smothering her beau and being a little on the crazy side (quelle surprise!) and has dialed down the intensity. For now.
For her sake, I hope these rumors are true; being trapped in the same chateau as your ex sounds tres dreadful, darlings. But are you buying that these two will make another go of it?
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  1. memer Said:


  2. carlylina Said:

    Does Taylor Swift date and dump people just to have something to write her songs about??

  3. queenb16 Said:

    I honestly think she can do better than this.Go write another song about heartbreaks,taylor.No wonder,you date the wrong guys. xoxo,queenb’

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