Hot or Not: Harry Styles’ Teeny Tiny Tattoo

Spotted: Harry Styles showing off his barely-visible ink as he left the Sony Music offices in London. While One Direction’s youngest member has several other prominent tattoos, I wonder why he chose to get one that you can only see if you’re up very close and personal to him…not that I’d mind darlings. XOXO.

harry_styles' tiny arm tattoo



  1. Jayy_Myah Said:

    It’s stupid. Who gets a tattoo that small and why of an A? Wonder who this ‘A’ person is..? Actually, I don’t. Cause I really don’t care for this person. Nor any of the others of One Direction.


  2. Italy300 Said:

    It’s not stupid, the A is for his mother Anne. And does it really matter how big it is?? I actually am a fan of 1D so why are you reading this if you don’t care about them?

  3. AllHailJho Said:

    if you dont care about him then why on earth are you reading this? and you even wasted your time commenting! DUH?

  4. Dodoa Said:

    So Sweet My Harry ! (l)
    And You Jay if you realy don’t care , why are you reading this … XOXO

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