Has Chuck Finally Lost It?

Oh, if looks could kill... (Photo: Book: Little, Brown; Chuck: J.B Nicholas / Splash News)

In Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer, a murderer is on the loose. Gasp! Grab your Birkin bags and lock the doors. So, who’s behind the Manhattan takedown? Well, the book’s author Cecily von Ziegesar may have given her original Gossip Girl characters a license to kill. Hear her reasons why Chuck could turn out to be the one who jumps the gun.

The best part about my new book, Gossip Girl Psycho Killer, or rather one of the many great parts, is that every time someone gets killed the Upper East Side parents are all like, “Oh, that’s a nice dress, dear. Dinner’s at eight.” Just like in the other books, they sweep all the bad behavior under the carpet. It just so happens that in this book the bad behavior involves sharp knives and squirrel poison!

Everyone’s probably wondering if this will be the book that lands C in prison. Of all the characters, C is the most obvious psycho killer.

  1. He carries a monkey on his shoulders.
  2. He wears purple three-piece suits.
  3. He’ll kiss a girl right after she’s puked.
  4. He’s starred in an aftershave commercial.
  5. He’s Chuck Bass.

Come to think of it, he’s a little too obvious. Don’t you think?


Cecily von Ziegesar, author of Gossip Girl

Snag your copy of Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer, available wherever books are sold on October 3rd.

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  1. Maria Magdalena Friisesca Said:

    It’s way TOO obvious, I don’t think Chuck’s the killer but someone else… Maybe one we’ll never expect would be, lol xD

  2. NatalieClaire Said:

    its to easy to point the finger at chuck it will be some one who we lest expect but some were in the back of the mind youll be like yeah i can see that happening

  3. crystal Said:

    Hey gossip gal I’m crystal(23) from south africa and I’m a huge fan! Love the new book and even thou we abit slow with updated books and series I wonmt stop collecting yuour great work. And chuck being the murderer I don’t believe it, or maybe I’m to blinded to see it but my way of telling his character jst isn’t part of the killing type. Anyhow luv u luv chuck and luv gossip girl to the max dnt stop the great work!


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