Love or Loathe: Hayden Panettiere’s Bangs

Spotted: Hannah Montana Barbie Hayden Panettiere rocking a new look during her visit to the Late Show with David Letterman yesterday. The Nashville star debuted a new slick straight hairstyle with blunt bangs and a platinum blonde color. And to add a little bit of contrast, she kept her eyebrows dark.

I much prefer her with a warmer hue — this color feels too stark compared to her skin tone. And I miss her wavy locks which felt more glamorous with her petite frame. But of course, the beauty of being a celebrity is that you can change your hair at anytime thanks to wigs, extensions, and an unlimited budget to pay amazing stylists.

Are you in agreement with my review on Hayden’s new look, or do you think this is a style she should keep for a while? Tell me in a comment, dolls!

Hayden Panettiere Late Show with David Letterman in NYC


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  1. jessierose Said:

    I personally think it makes her look older and cheap. Not a fan.

  2. Liz Said:

    Kesha meets Taylor Swift…

  3. Thoman Said:

    It’s really bad

  4. Sarah Said:

    holy shit that’s terrible

  5. Tiffany Said:

    I think it would look better with a dark color, and maybe not have the bangs so thick.

  6. Summer Said:

    Oh HECK no. She looks HIDEOUS.

  7. Caterina Said:

    Honestly I miss the old hair but she’s not ugly tho

  8. Maddy Said:

    Would have been fine if it was a darker blonde. the platinum is too harsh, that with blunt bangs is too overwhelming for her appearance

  9. Prettygirl Said:

    I’m personally more distracted by her belly!!!! Is she pregnant??? Ugly hair by the way. It looks like one of those straw brooms… Terrible.

  10. skay Said:

    Looks like a wig to me #fail

  11. Leoni Said:

    It look like a cheap wig !

  12. Sara Said:

    She has always tried to look older with way too much makeup, now she is trying with her hair. I wish she would just embrace her age–she won’t be in her 20’s forever.

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