Heather Morris & Jenna Ushkowitz Go Nude

Glee girls Heather Morris and Jenna Ushkowitz caught a case of the copycats at the Screen Actors Guild awards, both arriving in nude dresses. They’re practically begging to be compared, so tell me, who rocks the pale hue the best: Heather in Romona Keveza or Jenna in Badgley Mischka?

Photograph from PR Photos

Photograph from PR Photos


  1. susanna Said:

    oh who cares. they’re both georgeous. you rock girls.

  2. Bekka Said:

    Sorry Jenna… But Heather’s dress is wayy prettier.

    But on a general note… I really don’t like the nude color dress thing that everyone seems to be hyped up on right now… If you wanted it to make it look like you weren’t wearing any close come in a bra and panty set… geez…

  3. Meggi Said:

    I think the dresses are sooo different , nothing to compare !! Girls are beautiful

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  5. Alexandra Said:

    I’m sorry, Jenna (you look great!), but I prefer Heather. The dress is prettier, more flattering and I also think Jenna wore a little too much makeup. :)

  6. BC Said:

    Heather looks waaaay better. I love Glee and both actresses, but I honestly think Jenna looks like an Oompa Loompa.

  7. allybaby18 Said:

    I agree with @Meggi but Heather because Jenna’s dress is wayyyy to tight!!

  8. Alexis Said:

    Heather, hands down.

    It looks like Jenna’s saying; “If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it”. I don’t like it.

  9. Tamara Said:

    Heather’s dress is the nicer of the two, but what I don’t get is how your saying they look the same. Besides the color, nothing looks the same.
    Better choice of wording next time GG, K?.

  10. Ara Said:

    i think heather looks georgeous.. but jenna’s dress is way to tight and it make her look fat…

  11. Lauren Said:

    Heathers dress is better the top half is pretty but not ovet the top and the bottom is nice n flowy. Jenna is to tight for her figure.

  12. Sarah Said:

    Jenna’s dress is definitely prettier and more flattering, and Jenna isn’t fat. I realize I’m extremely partial to Badgley Mischka, but overall I do think Jenna rocks it considerably better.

  13. Essie Said:

    I think the Heather’s dress looks better!!

  14. Me Said:

    Nude Dress = Natural Makeup.
    So I like Heather Morris’ dress better than Jenna Ushkowitz’s.


  15. Shaky Said:

    I love Heather’s dress, Jenna leaves a lot to be desired, poor girl tried a little too hard…

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