Exclusive! Kendall Schmidt Had A Secret Girlfriend No One Knew About

It’s a beautiful summer day here in New York City. The tourists are strolling through Times Square, the suits are lunching at Del Frisco’s, and I’m savoring these last bits of sunshine by catching up with Kendall Schmidt–and those eyes!–before he jets back to Los Angeles surely in search of the nearest Urth Caffe.

Here, the Big Time Rush star and one half of band Heffron Drive talks Kardashians (obviously), his past with Selena Gomez, and the secret relationship he kept hidden from everyone—other than yours truly.

And about his current love life? “I have only really had a couple of long term relationships … I’d be a terrible boyfriend now. I know that I’d have so little time and I have a terrible habit of not responding to text messages. And girls don’t like that.”

Gossip Girl: Spill to me about your new album Happy Mistakes. Did you write the music?
Kendall Schmidt: Yeah, all of it. Funny enough, I wrote “Cover Girl” with Toby Gad who I also wrote “Parallel” with, which is the first single. Recently I got my studio set up at home; I actually produced three or four of them totally myself which is really cool for me. It’s not like you could pick one out from the songs the professional producers did. So I’m proud of the fact that you’d have to guess which one.

Gossip Girl: Don’t tease me.
Kendall Schmidt: The ones I produced specifically were “Happy Mistakes”, “Nicotine”, “That’s What Makes You Mine”, and a minute-thirty interlude that I did because I wanted a transition from the middle into the seventh song.

Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive

Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capitol Concerts

Gossip Girl:  What’s your favorite song on “Happy Mistakes”?
Kendall Schmidt: Wow. I just did one recently that was one of the last few to make it on, “Division of the Heart”, and that’s another one of those songs where the song title comes from a line and not the hook line. “Every second I’m without you feels like division of the heart.”

Gossip Girl: Who’s it about?
Kendall Schmidt: Honestly, it’s about different experiences. I’ve had a couple of people reach out wondering if songs are about them.

Gossip Girl: What if it’s not about them? That’s awkward.
Kendall Schmidt: That’s what I was thinking. All I said to those questions [was] I just wrote about either an actual portion of an experience or an ideal that I think would be really nice. Like, I consider myself a romantic so I would write a song about what I think would be a nice thing to say to somebody.

Gossip Girl: Prove it to me. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?
Kendall Schmidt: Ever? I was dating one girl for a while [and] we had just randomly walked into this place that sells fountains, like marble fountains. There was this one that just off a side glance she was like ‘I like that one,’ and then we left. And then six months later, Christmas or her birthday was coming around–I think it was Christmas–and I didn’t know what to get and I remembered the fountain. And so I went back and got this marble fountain.

Gossip Girl: Did she remember?
Kendall Schmidt: Totally. Totally remembered it. Memorizing lyrics helps with other parts of life, too. But that and I think cooking for somebody, especially cooking something good, is really romantic.

Gossip Girl: Okay, Chef Boy. What is your specialty?
Kendall Schmidt: I can pretty much do anything so it depends on what the girl wants to eat. I’d want to make something tasty and healthy. I love chicken thighs. That’s just me. So if I was gonna cook, I’d do chicken thighs and quinoa and a salad.

Gossip Girl:  If you could anonymously send a text to anyone, who would it be? What would you say?
Kendall Schmidt:  I’d love to send – I don’t know – Kim Kardashian a text message. I can’t even think of what I’d say … ‘Nice butt.’

Gossip Girl: You know, you’re kind of the male version of the Kardashians. You have two brothers, Kevin and Kenneth, and your parents are Kathy and Kent. That’s a lot of K’s.
Kendall Schmidt: Yeah, except we don’t have the last name – K’Schmidts. Our extracurricular activities are different than their extracurricular activities to say the least.

Gossip Girl:  A scandalous night for you involves…
Kendall Schmidt: Staying up late. I don’t tend to stay up that late. I kind of feel like a granny sometimes. I get tired at midnight. The last time I went out to a club was with my brother and I was genuinely nodding off standing up. I know. And that’s the other thing, I’ve been telling myself recently to have more fun like that. I mean, I have fun but sometimes I feel like I endlessly work. I need to go out. Or at least have fun and hang out with my peers.

Gossip Girl:  What’s the worst rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
Kendall Schmidt: I don’t have any good rumors. I wish I had. Someone asked me about Selena; would you date Selena or if I was dating Selena? But I haven’t dated Selena. I’ve known her for a long time. Last time I saw Miley in person was in Toluca Lake. She must have been with Liam. I was gonna flirt with her, but she was with her boyfriend at the time. So whenever I see a celebrity girl dating a guy, I just look at my watch. It seems inevitable that it’s not gonna last.

Gossip Girl: Tell me a secret about yourself.
Kendall Schmidt: I was dating someone for two years at the beginning of Big Time Rush and nobody ever knew about it. Just didn’t ever talk about it. It was an older girl. The creator of the show didn’t necessarily want me talking about it because, at the beginning of the show, he was worried it would ruin the image of it. I personally realize now that it probably would have exploded the image of it … Nobody’s ever known that.


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