Reunited? Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie’s Marriage Not So Over

Not much time has passed since Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie announced in January that they would be amicably separating (if there is such a thing), but it appears like the two are ready to give it another shot. Sources close to the couple, who are parents to two year-old son Luca, reveal that a reconciliation is in the works. Just last week, in fact, they were spotted with Luca at a farmers’ market (gross), looking decidedly un-separated.


I’ve had my eyes on these two ever since they were spotted together in the Bahamas over Valentine’s Day (Honestly, loves, could they be any more obvious?). Though “celebrity separation” is typically synonymous with “call the Kardashians’ divorce attorney,” it’s not unheard of that the separation can be fixed before it goes to divorce. Just look at Pink and Carey Hart, or Miley Cyrus’s parents. Actually, don’t: there are just too many fashion emergencies between those four people that all of my minions should avert their eyes.

It’s always nice to see a couple mend their problems, but they should really work on mending their denim next. My Hollywood minions always spot H, who will be making her grand return to television in Darren Star’s series “Younger,” in her signature tattered jeans. Darling, you can do better.


What do you think? Will Luca’s parents make it work for the long haul this time?


  1. Marivel Said:

    Wow i hope it works out but everyone knows that a second chance on something may not always work out…

  2. Pepper Said:

    Alright, so, especially when considering that they spent Valentines toughie in such a romantic situation (though who knows, perhaps it was booked and payed for before the seperation and they just wanted to save every dollar or something) it does seem to me that they are trying to work things out, or that theyre just hanging out for little Luca’s sake, either way I’m happy!

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