Caption This: Hilary Duff Waits For a Bus

Spotted: Hilary Duff waiting for (gasp!) public transportation in L.A. on Tuesday. The new mom had just enjoyed a shopping trip at Fred Segal while wearing a tribal print sundress and ankle boots (what an absolute dreadful combination in my opinion….)

She hammed it up for the paparazzi and totally pretended she wasn’t going to take the bus after she got caught. But I think we really know what was going on there….

Hilary Duff seen leaving Fred Segal and sits at a bus stop


Anyway, dolls, it’s time for my favorite game: Caption This! What is Hil really thinking while sitting at this bus stop? Go forth and leave your witty ideas in a comment below! XOXO

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  1. Tiffany Said:

    I wish these creeps would stop taking my picture is probably what she’s thinking.

  2. Veronica Said:

    I can’t believe these people still follow me.

  3. Stephanie Said:

    “They actually think I’m Hillary Duff!”

  4. KATE Said:

    Who cares at least she has her life together more then some other people you talk about. Props to her.

  5. ishy Said:

    Oh..cheese.. I am just posing, b! Gotchya!!

  6. ishy Said:

    Oh..cheese.. I am just posing, bah! Gotchya!!

  7. Bethany Said:

    “Why do people give a sh*t if I ride the bus.”

  8. Apoorva Said:

    Oh crap! They’ve identified me..! Time to rethink my decision of boarding the bus. :/

  9. Daeny Said:

    Whats wrong with riding a bus? At least she has her own life unlike those paparazzi and gossipers who cant live their own lives without someone to stalk to. Get a life people!

  10. Josh Said:

    “Ugh if I let go of my [somewhat] successful career don’t you think I would be capable of letting go my sense of self respect? But honestly Im just trying to get a reality show deal with E!”

  11. Gourav Said:

    “Oops !!”

  12. Ally Said:

    She probably wishes to be left alone.
    I think it is very humble and down to earth of her to ride the bus, instead of riding in $100,000+ cars and limos. In my opinion it is very refreshing to see a celeb (super famous or not) tone things down and live like the rest of the population, unlike other celebs (Justin Bieber and his leopard print car).

  13. Trista Said:

    The wheels on the bus go round and round

  14. Viny ova'hea Said:

    So who gives a $h!+ if I ride the bus? you want me out racing a Ferrari, or writing about put on Twitter, or getting busted soliciting or some other worthy crime to have to deal with your list TMZ BS photogs anyhoo. leave her and paid alone and go report on slime

  15. Viny ova'hea Said:

    leave HILARY AND PARIS alone. cheap shots Harvey

  16. RyanBass Said:

    “Leave me alone ya’ll! You know those Lizzie McGuire Syndication checks don’t pay for these 2013 gas prices…”

  17. Rachel Kenny Said:

    Oh God-public transport as well as being pictured in this shit magazine, what was i thinking!!

  18. Fatima Said:

    Lizzie McGuire I mean Hilary Duff taking the ….. Bus.

  19. Brittani Said:

    “Man, I really suck and hide and seek”

  20. Cesca Said:

    How do u even now it’s a bus stop and not some randomness bench?! Eather way who cares

  21. Lena Wastyn Said:

    So what if I take the bus

  22. Kris Said:

    Uh, yes. A human being takes the bus. Bad news day?

  23. Martha Manhattan Said:

    If this were New York, nobody would give a crap about me waiting for public transit.

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