Love or Loathe: Hilary Duff’s Dark Look

Spotted: Animal lover Hilary Duff at the ASPCA Commitment to Save Animals event last night in Beverly Hills, rocking a dark lipstick, floral top and black wide-leg trousers.

At first, I hated this lip look–it seemed too heavy and dark for a springtime soiree, but the more I look at the rest of the outfit and her hair, the more I realize that her lip shade is actually the thing I like best. I do not necessarily mean that as a compliment, darlings.

hilary duff The ASPCA Celebrates its commitment to save animals


For one, it’s not a good sign when you can’t tell where pants end and the floor begins. Wide-leg trousers are my least favorite trend of the spring (behind crop tops, high-waist jeans, stone-washed anything, and Doc Martens) as they swamp HD’s petite figure. A fun poufy skirt would’ve lightened up her look, but as it is, dark pants, dark makeup and a rather dark top is just a bit too gothic for my taste.

And while I’m liking the juxtaposition between her broody makeup and blonde hair, her tresses look unstyled and fried. A sleek bun or a few clip-in extensions would’ve made a world of difference.

But, you know how picky I can be, my precious ones. Do you firmly feel that Hilary looked happy and chic at the event? Or does she need to quite literally lighten up?


  1. J.L. Said:

    G.G. I think you forgot to mention that her top looks like a $.50 piece from a thrift store.

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