Hot Mess: Amanda Seyfried’s Late Night Look

“Let’s see,” murmured Amanda Seyfried as she rummaged through a pile of couture dresses sent over by her stylist. “I’m going to be on the David Letterman show, therefore I want to look…sexy? No…edgy? No. Ah! I know: GERIATRIC!”

What else could’ve possibly been going through her mind when she chose this Balmain outfit for her late night appearance?

amanda seyfried


Dreadful from top to bottom, minions. Shapeless, matronly and frou-frou in all the wrong ways, this look manages to be utterly unsalvagable. Not even pairing each piece with a different skirt or top would help, don’t you agree?

Is it truly a crime of fashion that a stunning starlet like Amanda would drape her figure in such ghastly garments? And can you think of a way to make this look into a do, darlings?

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  1. Vx Said:

    As much as I adore Amanda Seyfried, this is such a ‘why?’ moment, as in why did you wear that? The sad thing is if she had just been wearing the top with some leather skinny jeans or maybe just the skirt with a plain top she could have pulled it off. I really expected better after such a stellar award season. Maybe next time.

  2. b Said:

    The top looks Kate Middleton-esque imo. the skirt *might* work with another top but all in all I don’t like this coloring on her because she’s so pale. I hate her legs in this picture, they are creeping me out, but I think it’s mainly due to the coloring of the outfit. I love her but this outfit is a NO.

  3. Kato Said:

    Her knee’s are grossing me out.

  4. Dean Said:

    Well I think its freaking cute and sweet. If she feels comfortable in what she’s wearing then don’t judge her, she’s human not perfect.

  5. Jane Said:

    Funny, in British Vouge, this look was in Best Dressed of the Week…

  6. Sarah Said:

    Calm your tits, gossipgirl. Her ‘dreadful’ clothes aren’t going to kill anyone. So I think you should just piss off and let her wear whatever the hell she wants.

  7. Amy Said:

    This is very Heathers and I love it. If only 1980s Christian Slater was an accessory.

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