Hot Mess: Austin Mahone

Very rarely does a gentleman dress so poorly that I have to declare him a hot mess–it’s usually not that difficult to nail the “pants and a shirt” thing. But I’m afraid that Austin Mahone has earned this dubious honor thanks to this truly tragic outfit I spotted him in at LAX…

Austin Mahone At LAX


I think Austin is taking the Justin Bieber comparisons a little too far. Is he raiding JB’s wardrobe? What is going on here?! The beanie and shoes would be awful enough for sure, but A RED LEATHER SKIRT AUSTIN? Is this real life? And over those terrible pleather pants?! Uck!

I know you Mahomies will back Aussie up no matter what, but can you seriously sit there and tell me that this isn’t the worst look he’s ever worn?



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  1. L Said:

    Definitely raiding Justin’s closet!

  2. E Said:

    talk about a fashion emergency! come on austin! a leather skirt in red?! really?!

  3. Little J Said:

    Don’t most of these stars have stylists? Maybe he couldn’t choose his clothes…

  4. megan Said:

    is that a joke…?

  5. B Said:

    Only justin can make that work

  6. Z Said:

    Oh B, NOBODY can make it work.

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