Hot Mess: Bella Thorne

There are a variety of ways to earn the title of a Hot Mess, darlings. Some outfits are overly trendy, some are unflattering, others are cheap looking and tacky. But then there is a category for styles that are just eye-rollingly lame. Outfits like Bella Thorne’s at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiere…

Bella Thorne Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" - Red Carpet

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You just knew that someone would show up in a TMNT shirt. I mean of course. But I expected it to be some actor’s four-year-old son, not a teen queen desperately trying to make it to It Girl status.

To be clear, I’d have a problem with a leather mini skirt and cankle-creating booties no matter what BT decided to pair it with. But her “vintage” (aka old and probably worn by other people, aka gross) TMNT tee takes this look to a level of terribleness I didn’t even believe possible.

On one hand, a very small part of me wants to say, “Ah, I see what she’s doing there!” but the larger, fashion-conscious side says, “UGH I see what she’s doing there…” Movie premieres aren’t costume parties–dressing on theme isn’t necessary. Bel’s a cute girl but her questionable style could be keeping her from greatness.

What’s your take on her LOLy look? Do you think it’s cute and kitschy, or are vintage tees better left at Goodwill and off red carpets?


  1. K Said:

    This whole post sounded so catty and just plain idiotic. The outfit was quite cute to some of the eyesores you praised in the past.

  2. Aleesha Said:

    WOW! This post is so catty and bitchy, not to mention rude! I think she looks cute, I would wear this! Why do people have to be over the top all the time?


  3. StephAnnDLC Said:

    I agree with K. Bella Thorne kept the outfit fun and cute. Very appropriate for an action packed flick. It may be a red carpet but it isn’t the Oscars. This whole post reeked of, as K put it, “cattiness”. Also, you can a brand new TMNT from a number of online retailers. However, if it was from a thrift shop, kudos to Bella.

  4. Jewels Said:

    Wtf? Cankles? This girl can gain 50 pounds and she won’t have “cankles”. Can you be more of a bully towards a teenage girl?

  5. Sammi Said:

    Umm… I thought this “article” was supposed to be about an ugly outfit?
    The whole post is just dripping with a nit-picky, catty, bitchy demeanour. I would totally wear this.
    I also didn’t see the bootie-caused cankles that were mentioned.

    All in all, this “article” (if you can even call it that), is absolute drivel and should be disregarded.

  6. LP Said:

    I think she meant that the booties create the effect of having cankles because you don’t see the ankle when wearing them. That aside, I think the entire look is beyond tacky. The skirt is way too short and wearing a comic book t-shirt to a comic book movie premiere is cliché. GG is right. If Bella Thorne wants to do more grown up roles she needs to stop dressing like a child.

  7. LJ Said:

    This outfit is so cute! I don’t mean childish cute but “damn! I don’t know how she made it work but she did!” Way. I love how someone posted that it wasn’t the oscars and Bella didn’t need to go over the top! I love this outfit and I think a lot of the bitchiness in this post was directed at the price tag then how it actually looks.

  8. B Said:

    She looks awesome, think someone is jealous.

  9. Lara Said:

    You are a blind doofus.

  10. Marnie Said:

    WOW. just WOW. Gossip Girl has really nothing to post about does she? You are a freaking disgrace and a monster! I defended you up until now. I wear old stuff people have worn so you can just stop.

  11. angelia Said:

    You are a stupid cunt gossip girl who gives a fuck if she’s not up to your snooty standards

  12. Trista Said:

    This look is awful. You don’t see people rocking up to the avengers premiere in an iron man t shirt it’s just tacky.

  13. Eliana Said:

    Um, this post is cringe-worthy. How many insults can you add into a paragraph? Ok, I get it, not the most fashion forward outfit. Why the hell do you care so much? It would be weird if you wore this at the red carpet…. but where did she wear this too? OH WAIT- THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES PREMIERE!!!! Lmao, in this post you made an absolute fool of yourself. How about you stop caring about the fact that she’s wearing a TMNT shirt to a TMNT premiere, and pull out your panties from your ass.

  14. Cassie Said:

    I agree with Trista and LP cause this look is tacky and cheap looking. No offense to Bella but she looks like a $10 hooker. That’s just my opinion

  15. An Irony Appreciator Said:

    To those complaining about how “mean” and “bitchy” GG is being, that’s the point of the website. I honestly have no clue what you’re even doing here if you don’t appreciate this type of thing, but you should really be heading back to whatever fashion-void hellhole you’ve crawled out of. I completely agree with Gossip Girl, you can’t wear t-shirts on a red carpet. It doesn’t make me snobby or rude to think so, it makes me aware of societal rules and traditions. Sorry, but this look is cheap and tacky, accept it and move on.

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