Hot Mess: Camilla Belle at the Cavemen Premiere

One cannot think of Camilla Belle without immediately recalling her feud with Taylor Swift over Joe Jonas (LOLZ who fights over a Jonas?!), and since I’m a lover of all things Swifty, C.Bel is my sworn nemesis. So it is with much relish that I discovered her latest fashion disaster at last night’s premiere of Cavemen in LA.

camilla belle


What on Earth am I even looking at? Are those…tiered palazzo pants?!?! My eyes are burning! According to Christian Dior, this is a draped-back wool-crepe tunic and wool-crepe pants. But on the Upper East Side we call this a Reputation Ruiner, because really, if you step onto Fifth Avenue wearing this, your social life is basically over.

Not that Cam has much of a clique or career to begin with. I can’t think of another supposed starlet who so failed to live up to her hype. You’d think with all of her downtime she could find a few moments to put a masque on those frizzy split ends, n’est ce pas?

What’s your take on CB’s blunder? Does it kind of work in an arty sort of way or should she have just stayed home?



  1. WWF Said:

    Hey, you could punch her in the stomach, and she wouldn’t even feel it.

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