Hot Mess: Elle Fanning

Well. It looks like Elle Fanning didn’t listen to my tip about not wearing pale boxy outfits that wreak havoc on her pale skin, now did she? I spied the Maleficent star looking just terrible as she arrived to The Late Show With David Letterman. Observe:

Elle Fanning on Late Show with David Letterman


These look like pajamas that thought they were an outfit. From the high waist cut to the dreadful fabric to THOSE SHOES, everything about her look is just a catastrophe. And is that…shiny burnt orange shadow?? UGH!

Such a shame to see a pretty girl not make the most of her talents, don’t you think? I kind of think that her jealous older sister Dakota talked her into this, or perhaps a jealous Angelina Jolie. I don’t know darlings, I just feel like someone with a serious axe to grind encouraged her to wear this total mess of an outfit.

What part of this look do you loathe the most, minions?

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  1. Carrie Said:

    That’s rude! We’ve all been young and tried our own styles at one point, or another. She’s a cutie pie, and at least she’s comfortable!

  2. Summer Said:

    It’s because she’s playing SLEEPING BEAUTY. I think the outfit’s meant to be something of a sly joke.

  3. Jeffrey Said:

    She looks good to me. Only her trousers may be a little bit longer. Love it.

  4. Beatrice Prior Said:

    Just let her be. She looks good to me, at least. Everyone tries experimenting with trends and she looks comfortable and cute. Gosh i hate paparazzi!! She looks fab.

  5. J.L. Said:

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever said. She looks like she bought her outfit from a cheap thrift store.

  6. Kari Said:

    She obviously has enough confidence to wear an outfit and not give a rat’s patootie what others think of it! I applaud her. At least she is covered and not letting everything hang out. Seriously, GOSSIP GIRL.. GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!

  7. A Said:

    If you guys don’t like what gossip girl has to say, and are saying “get a life”, why the f*** are you even on here?!

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