Hot Mess: Elle Fanning

Spotted: Angelina Jolie having a good laugh at Elle Fanning’s expense at the Japanese premiere of Maleficent. And no part of me can blame you, Angie.

Elle Fanning

Ken Ishii/Getty Images

I’m all for outfits that evoke a bygone era, whether it be a Mad Men-ish pencil skirt or flappery frock. But this Edwardian Alexander McQueen gown is just a disaster and looks more like a creepy wedding dress than a red carpet look. Too heavy, too voluminous and just too much, the dress is wearing Elle–not the other way ’round.

Take a peek at it up close…if you dare:

Elle Fanning

Ken Ishii/Getty Images

Oh yes, that’s a terrible dress. While I rather like that Elle is attempting to dress like an ethereal princess off camera, she needs to stop choosing shades that totally clash with her skin and brassy hair. Elle, we’ve discussed this.

But meanwhile Angelina was stunning in a sculptural Atelier Versace LBD that is sleek and simple yet not a bit boring. Bravo.

What’s your feeling on Elle’s overcooked ensemble? Do you kind of fancy it in a reminds-me-of-my-grandma’s-table-cloth kind of way? Or is it impossible to outdo Angelina?


  1. Apo Said:

    I don’t know if it’s just me or if the dress is seethrough (in a very embarassing way…).

  2. Alex Said:

    Angelina is not even looking at her, she is looking at someone else cause she is leaning behind the other girl looking at someone outside the shot

  3. chy Said:

    Wow. Look at Angelina’s clavicle. Would definitely trade a cup smaller over those. She looks gorgeous as always and it’s less likely of Angelina to make fun of anyone, especially a girl like Elle. Loved her dress though there’s something a bit off bout it, must the the angle of how it’s photographed.

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