Hot Mess Faceoff: Zendaya vs. Rumer Willis

Once upon a time, the ELLE Women in Music Concert soiree was the who’s who of A-list hitmakers but last night’s event was the who’s who of nobody cares. Who performed, you ask? Sarah McLachlan, Angel Haze and Betty Who. So, the lady from those sad animal abuse commercials and two people I’ve never heard of? What fun!

But while the entertainment was lackluster, the fashion was even worse. Case in point, Demi Moore’s talentless-but-not-giving-up daughter, Rumer Willis, was tapped to DJ the party and while she should’ve been grateful to be admitted into the party at all, she took attention-seeking to a scary new level with this tres tragic outfit:

rumer willis


This Franziska Fox ensemble is tacky and trashy to the extreme, from her Kool-Aid colored hair to her visible vajay. But this look wasn’t the only terrible style I saw strutting around the party. Behold Zendaya’s situation…

zendaya coleman


“You been hit by, you been struck by…” she captioned the look on Instagram, referencing Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal,” a tune which I love. This look, however, I very much do not love and am annoyed she sullied such a great song with the association.

Z is wearing a Vivienne Westwood suit–the same designer responsible for the national tragedy that is Pharrell Wlliams’ hat–and had she perhaps picked just one crazy piece and paired it with something sane, this look could’ve worked. But the look was look-at-me overload, from the distracting cuff to the too-large hat to, well, everything.

Which starlet stunk the most, in your opinion? Or do you think that one–or both–of these looks actually worked?


  1. Alice Said:

    I think Zendaya’s look is awesome!

  2. Julia Said:

    I loved Zendaya’s outfit! Minus the hat.

  3. Lynn Said:

    I think with the shit lady gaga, nicki minaj and kesha walk in, this is a delight. I can see the charm in both outfits, but i wouldn’t wear it myself.

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