Hot Mess: Jessica Szohr

Spotted: Jessica Szohr strutting into the grocery store wearing an outfit inspired by a Creamsicle. What’s that, minions? She was actually at a party in this look? Oh dear…

jessica szohr


Seriously, Jess? Obvs she has the body to wear just about anything, so why “dress up” in such a plain non-outfit? Between the whateverish white tank to the oh-so-charming stains on the skirt, this is what I’d wear to clean my house–if I didn’t have staff, that is–not to attend the Svedka Splash of Summer soiree in LA.

The least JS could’ve done is dress up this look with a little statement jewelry, perhaps a chunky turquoise necklace, or a fun bright clutch. Alas, this is a walking waste of fabulousness.

But, at least this time she’s wearing a bra!

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  1. joblo Said:

    This has to be one of the most obnoxious sites I’ve ever visited.

  2. Alexandra Said:

    I think she looks great.

  3. Amy Said:

    Yep I think she looks lovely.

  4. Blaine Said:

    Yes, I agree the stains are bad.. But this outfit really isn’t that bad. She looks pretty.

  5. Annaliese Said:

    Looks like she sewed an orange jail jumpsuit into a shapeless skirt! Lmfao and to emphasize the criminal look even further she topped it off with a wife beater….the horror the horror!

    Lol stains included for that trashy convict look!

  6. Irene Said:

    Yeah. Wtf? She looks stunning. And she DOES have a piece of chunky TURQUOISE/green statement jewelry on her. Look at her arm. Jeez!

  7. thecutest Said:

    You know, GG, sometimes I love your angle on things, and other times I think you’re just as stupid and jacked up as Helen Hunt when she got wasted on angel dust and jumped out of that window (google: after school specials. Totes funny stuff).

    Jessica looks fine. Hell, she looks better than fine. She looks amazing. Cute girl. Cool chick. What crawled up your cooch that you’re judging this so harshly?

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