Hot Mess: Julianne Hough

Now that Ryan Seacrest dumped her, I’m not sure why Julianne Hough is famous. She’s well on her way to Stacy Kiebler-ville, located on the Island of Lost Relevance. But, as long as she keeps turning up on red carpets looking like this


…I’m going to keep blasting her for it, minions.

I don’t even understand what this outfit is supposed to be. A dress with a…skort on underneath? Or is that a denim mini circa 1999? Shorts? No clue. Whatever look JH was going for in this Pucci monstrosity, she failed.

Can you make heads or tails of this red carpet disaster, darlings? Or does it need to be banished into obscurity, just like Julianne?

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  1. The Game Said:

    You’re a fucking hater!! I happen to know Stacy Keibler personally, and she was a star long before Clooney. Lost Relevance? Hello?? She has her own show on Lifetime that actually gets decent ratings. She’s more relevant than you’ll ever be. For that matter, so is Julianne. You need to stop hating on your superior you piece of trash.

  2. Haili Said:

    Who’s Stacy Keibler? This outfit isn’t great, but I like Julianne. ):

  3. Alina Said:

    I never even kept up to date with RS, but for sure Julianne needs a better stylist!

  4. Name Said:

    I’ve said it over and over again. Fire your stylist!

  5. Arunshan Said:

    still u very nice on this but try more & more newly upcoming style….

  6. listen people Said:

    Oh please, you are just jealous of people
    that are more famous than you. Julianne
    is stunning and she looks good no mater what.

  7. pris Said:

    I agree that her outfit is far from being perfect, but she’s a hell of a dancer and actually deserves more to be famous than a lot of ppl in Hollywood…

  8. Danielle Said:

    You all need to chill, the outfit is awful, and whatever about julianne. Few of us know her personally to judge her. Yeah she is a good dancer and famous on her own a little, but with that said she should hire a better stylist, I dont know maybe even a blind monkey would have better taste than whoever invented this getup.

  9. Shabba Said:

    Dear Gossip Girl,
    Any one who has read the books or watched the television series knows that you are supposed to be sarcastic and bitchy. If I wanted a gossip columnist who was nicer I wouldn’t log into this website. So I do not understand why you have so many people who log onto your site and read it and then bash you. Wouldn’t it be far more intelligent of them to get their gossip somewhere else. For the record I only know of SK because of client and don’t know who JH was till today.

  10. Nikki Said:

    To all of you haters: She gets paid to do this. What do YOU get for bashing on her? GG is just the way she’s supposed to be. Don’t like it? Go read another blog.

  11. spencer Said:

    She is a TOP NOTCH dancer. A career that requires great discipline, time, dedication, and
    commitment. Not just an empty-headed blogger with no discernible talent exept tearing people
    with real talent down. Kiebler also was an athlete. Another career that requires discipline and dedication.
    Take a lesson………..

  12. HannahMontana Said:

    my laughing ass goes to the people who whines about this site and the article but are still reading this. omg, we don’t have lives so we gossip, deal with it! this makes life exciting and yes, she is just an overrated dancer who wore an ugly dress. let’s move on and read another article.

  13. Mariam Said:

    Eeh dis outfit is awfullll!!! Why wud any1 design it in da first place… §îgђ the main topic here is the OUTFIT hunnies.. Stop gettin sidetracked!! And yu gta admitm.. We Ŀ♡√Ɛ gossip girl just the way she is!! :*

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