Hot Mess: Julianne Hough

Sigh, can we please stop trying to make Julianne Hough happen? Not only is she beyond forgettable, but even with Ryan Seacrest’s black AmEx footing the bill, she still can’t seem to dress herself. Case in point, her ridiculously unflattering look at the premiere of her latest movie¬†Safe Haven, costarring the delicious and underrated Josh Duhamel.

What exactly is she trying to accomplish with this outfit? Not only is it off-season, this color looks good on precisely¬†no one, ditto with the too-long tulip skirt. Even her makeup could have saved the look if she’d opted for a smokey eye and sexy pink lip.

Are you so over JH or are you willing to give her one more try…as long as Josh is in the picture?

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  1. lilypad09 Said:

    Never saw what the big deal about her is.I don’t care for her never did never will.

  2. Marisa Said:

    I think JH is gorgeous so what if she had a few mess ups with her outfit, she is only human.

  3. Kg630 Said:

    Not sure why people think she’s so bad, I actually like her as an actress. As for the outfit, so what? It isn’t that bad compared to some things we see other celebrities wear. Give her a break!

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