Hot Mess: Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo

Once darlings, just once would I like to brand Justin Bieber’s newest tattoo as classy and sexy and terrific. But alas, I cannot. It’s not my fault that he insists upon covering his body with only the lamest and most eye-rolling tats imaginable!

Just days after JB finished his sleeves and promised that he’s done with the body modifications for now, he turns up with the word patience inked in old English down his neck like some prison yard thug:

justin bieber


Oh Jussy, please stop! First the word believe, then forgive, now this? What’s next? Inspire? EvolveDouche? (Although to be honest, I can’t say I’d be opposed to that last one…)

Perhaps I’m still holding out a faint glimmer of hope that Jussy can one day dial down the brattitude and evolve into a charming gentleman – but the more he covers himself with these awful inkings, the less likely that seems.

What’s your take on JB’s latest addition? Tres unfortunate or exactly what his mantra should be?


  1. Alena Said:

    A tattoo here is there is fine but why does he have to cover his whole body with them?! It looks dumb and he will regret it when he is older. Why would someone put it on their neck?

  2. Amanda Said:

    People can put their tattoos wherever they want, and get them as often as they want. It’s their choice, if they regret it when they’re older its their choice. However, you would think with the money he has, he would get a better artist to do them.

  3. LenaD Said:

    Keep This up Justin and you’ll turn into a human dictionary…

  4. Pepper Said:

    Honestly, I’m sure if we asked him he would say it has some deep and meaningful message about a friend or blah, but they look tacky, I have a tattoo (in a very good place where it can be hidden more easily than shown) and I’m a strong believer in if it’s art why not wear it, his neck scribbles aren’t art, theyre more like the drawings on the back of a high schoolers note book trying to be deep.

  5. UOENO Said:

    Hes gonna regret it. I used to be a hardcore belieber lmao but now hes just not the same person and i dont like this change. All of the body tattoos are unnecessary but its his body so whatever. He really needs to grow up already

  6. Kalyn Said:

    It looks like one of those dangly earrings..

  7. Justin luver tho Said:

    So ya I get the first couple ones on his body where a shirt could cover it up. But this is just plain tacky. I mean like wtf PATIENCE? Dude ur waiting is over. U already make more money than a 40 year old. And all those other tattoos r just ugly and stupid. These r tattoos. They r PERMINENT. So in about 10, he is gonna regret all those stupid ones but the ones that actually have meaning, it will bring back memories. Hopefully good ones.

  8. Nana Said:

    Like some prison yard thug? So what he got a tattoo of patience on his neck. Now he’s a thug. What exactly is the problem? This is a ridiculous article

  9. Why Said:


  10. Jeffrey Said:

    He’s gonna need it if he wants to go to prison like a normal-wager person.

  11. Sabrina Miranda Said:


  12. Yana Said:

    I love this kid with all my heart. But please, ENOUGH tattoos already.


  13. ivna Said:

    Tattoos don’t make you a bad person otherwise thousands of guys including pop stars like Harry Styles are bad guys-plenty have much more worse tattoos; at least Justin’s are meaningful. Should we throw him under the bus over this?

  14. Erika Reshaee Said:

    It’s his body leave him alone I have got tattoos damn it’s not the end of the fucking world shouldn’t you old men and women worry about impeaching Obama

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