Hot Mess: Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo

At this point, it doesn’t matter what Justin Bieber gets inked on his body. The fact that he’s now up to 12 tats means that from here on out, every one is a terrible one. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PIC!


But, it just so happens that his latest piece of body art, a cartoonish koi fish, is terrible. I’m sure he’ll say it means luck or life or spicy crunchy rolls or whatever, but to me, it looks like an awkward doodle on an even more awkward nine year old pop star.

Ugh. It’s like JB has gotten his hands on The Encyclopedia of Generic Tattoos and is just going down the line one by one. What’s next, a rainbow on his lower back? A dolphin on his ankle? How about a mustache on his finger? Shhhhh, quiet darlings…let’s not give him any ideas…XOXO.



  1. Joanna Said:

    Justin’s tattoo’s are Justin’s Tattoo’s nobody should make fun if them, there his choice. <3

  2. AMY Said:

    Joanna, you really need to learn to spell. And as far as Justine is concerned, he makes it too easy to make fun of him. He is by far, the biggest famous d o u c h e bag on the planet.

  3. ANNA Said:


  4. Lizzi Said:

    Sure his tattoos are stupid but I guess it’s his body so he can ruin it with ink if he wants…

  5. Mer xoxo Said:

    wow you to are hilarious i cant stop laughing at your comments and anna you dont need to get so defensive, you are allowed to have a idol and have a celeb crush but PLEASE dont act like you own the guy ! take it down a notch girl.

  6. moss Said:

    Seems to me there are some 9 year old beleibers unhappy poor little justins getting picked on. grow up girls justins a muppet.

  7. anthony Said:

    ang panget kaya nia kaya nd bagay yung tatoo sa knya !

  8. jimmy weedler inc. Said:

    you guys are all fucked

  9. Evelyn Said:

    Wow Bieber is all fucked up

  10. Jen Said:

    He’s becoming one of those guys who’re getting drained by their popularity

  11. Amelia Said:

    He may say they mean something but they don’t seem to anymore. The fact that he can’t even be bothered to go to a decent tattoo artist so that they don’t look like ridiculous 12 year olds’ drawings says they can’t mean too much to him.
    He can do to himself what he wants but you can’t deny they just look stupid on him. Oh well. He has more than enough cash to get them removed when he is bored of them.

  12. Harry Styles Said:

    Justin Bieber IS:
    1. Gay
    2. Douchebag
    3. Talentless
    4. Ugly

  13. Agatha Said:

    Do you guys concerned that this is a gossip site? Of course, people will talk about it and make fun tings about it. You shouldn’t enter this site if you don’t want to. Like, duh.

  14. Hanna Said:

    @Harry Styles You are.. 100% correct!!

  15. Veronica Said:

    Agatha’s right. People will talk about him as long as they want to. As a celebrity, he should expect that people will criticize him in every move that he did. It’s Hollywood people, H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D.

  16. Idon'tbeliebinfairies Said:

    Oh my.

    It’s just like putting out fire with gasoline isnt it. I don’t know whether to pity him, or just keep on laughing at him.

  17. Vicki Said:

    I love Justin… But not that tattoo..

  18. Jae Said:

    MAYBE he’s attempting to slowly start a sleeve and he has a plan for making it look good. But I highly doubt his intelligence level to actually create a work of art. Poor kid has the worst taste in clothes as well as art. Doesn’t he pay people to help create better decisions? You’d think one of his screaming fangirls could point him in the direction of a tattoo artist who would tell him that he should aim for aesthetics instead of looking like a douche. I guess he can have real #swag/ #yolo now.

  19. Carter Said:

    I find it amusing how an adult is spending their life harassing and making fun of pretty much every celebrity in the book. Grow up, my God. it’s honestly sick you have made a career out of this. learn some freaking respect.

  20. blair Said:

    @Idon’tbeliebinfairies so true :-D

  21. shayla Said:

    Y’all need to stop hating on justin bieber. Just cause he’s famous dont mean y’all gotta hate. All of you who are leaving hateful comments are just jealous of him. It’s his body and he can do whatever the f*ck he wants. Each and every single one of his tattoos mean sometihing to him so all of you just stfu. Stop hating just cause he’s #TeamTatted.

  22. jo Said:

    Hah even if they wernt on someone famous I’d still laugh at how gay they are, that koi looks like a mega old tattoo done with a proper fat needle! Maybe he wanted it that way… We shall never know. Maybe some of you 4 year old, think its hard to swear lots, beliebers should ask him? Oh wait. You don’t know him so stop acting like gossip girl offended ur Bessie…

  23. jo Said:

    P.s #teamtatted… Lmao

  24. giu Said:

    Okay, I myself find Justin Bieber ridiculous but seriously? Kois are traditional japanese tattoo motives so yeah they actually do have a meaning, that’s why they are used that much. And really calling a tattoo terrible because it is already the 12th one is just intolerant… Greeting from 21st century, many people are tattoed more than once!

  25. Annaliese Said:

    Justin is horrific and he should consult a tatoo artist before he gets any more bright permanent ideas!That outfits equally if not more devastating than his new album!

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