Hot Mess: Katy Perry

After a relatively decent year style-wise, Katy Perry apparently thought she had secured a spot on my coveted Best Dressed List and therefore didn’t need to try anymore. How else can I explain the absolute top-to-bottom nightmare that was her outfit this weekend in Vegas?

katy perry


K.Per arrived at the opening of Britney Spears’ Vegas residency apparently dressed up as…Britney during her deranged, unkempt off-days? A weird unseen character from Clueless?  I loathe everything from this terrible iridescent slogan tee (shudder) to the atrocious thigh-highs and Mary Jane’s combo.  And then there’s her ratty, cheap bag and bizarre tutu.

Nineties style is tres fug, darlings and everyone needs to stop pretending it’s cool again. It isn’t. Why I’d rather see you all prance around in flowy caftans from the 70s, or sexy little pencil skirts a la Mad Men. ANYTHING but 90s attire, s’il vous plait! 

And furthermore, minions, let me just stress that between lame tourists in Crocs and escorts pretending to be models, it isn’t easy to turn heads in Vegas. You really need to stand out, and if you do, it’s rarely a good thing. Therefore I must declare Katy’s outfit one the worst looks of 2013, if not the absolute most awful thing I’ve seen in the last 365 days.

What’s your stance on this ensemble? Don’t hold back loves…you know I never do. XOXO.


  1. Georgiana Said:

    Well…I’ve seen worse..

  2. xoxo Said:

    It’s not the best, but I believe there has been MUCH MUCH worse outfits, besides this one

  3. Cristina Said:

    Agree with Georgiana, not the worst look of the year… Remember MC?

  4. Patty Said:

    Leave her alone. Stop hating …!!! Katy is beautiful inside and out ….! <3 her.

  5. Annie D Said:

    It was for a concert, of course no one is going to go in all glammed up when they’ll be dancing and this outfit was perfect for doing that.

  6. E. Said:

    Anyone else think she weirdly pulls this off…?

  7. Elise Said:

    The real gossip girl doesn’t have minions. Such a poor imitation.

  8. Mia Said:

    I don’t think she’s doing 90s actually. I’m in Japan like now – like she was a month ago or so – and let me tell you – if she looked just a little more Asian and was a little smaller she would be tres chic in a crowd if Japanese girls. So she’s not doing 90s in my opinion, but Japanese and let me tell you – she’s doing a pretty good job at it too :)

  9. K Said:


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