Hot Mess: Keira Knightley

J’adore Keira Knightley, darlings. At any given moment I am watching either Anna Karenina, Price & Prejudice or The Duchess on repeat. But while her movies are on point, her personal style can certainly use some work. I mean the girl re-wore her wedding dress three times, for heaven’s sake! Have you ever heard of such a thing? And I’m afraid that her red carpet decisions aren’t much better. Take, for example, the odd retro look she chose for last night’s premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit:

keira knightley


Well it seems that someone has been holed up at home watching a little too much Downton Abbey. Sigh, minions, where do I even begin with this Chanel outfit? For one, that length? What exactly is happening there?

Two, I understand that she was going for perhaps a retro Coco Chanel vibe, but she ends up looking like a Bible saleslady in the 1930s.

Thirdly, those shoes! So dreadful! Black and blue are not a combo I condone, and those pumps are old and cheap looking anyway. Although she could’ve been wearing Kleenex boxes on her feet–it wouldn’t have mattered since this look is beyond saving anyway. It’s such a shame though because from the neck up, she’s flawless!

Are you feeling KK’s throwback vibe or should this style have gone down with the Titanic?


  1. Adrienne Roche Said:

    I kind of like it. I might have though just taken off the bows on the neck and sleeves and also the flower on the waist band and brought up the hem maybe even a couple inches it would have made the dress a lot more age appropriate and as well as being elegant and cute. Also the shoes maybe a nude or white heel? Just my opinion!

  2. M Said:

    I actually like it very much… she looks flawless! Go fuck yourself, GG. Like, if you are sooooooooo amazing, why not post a picture of YOU? Let us see your absolutely amazing look lol

  3. D Said:

    Maybe it’s the wrong look for a movie premiere, but I think she looks stunning!

  4. Lily Said:

    I think it’s a cute dress if you’re into that vintage-esque style. It is a little strange to wear to an event though…
    Either way I agree with Adrienne, it would’ve looked much cuter with different shoes and some tailoring.

  5. Samantha Said:

    I like it.

  6. Anon E. Mouse Said:

    If the dress was about knee-length and if they removed the bows, it would look much better. But she needs to gain a slight bit of weight; not too much; just enough to soften some of those sharp points.

  7. Baby Said:

    Maybe it’s not very “red-carpetish” but I actually like it and she can definitly pull it off in a very classy way! And if bible salesladies look like this, good for them! The only thing missing is a really simple necklace (nothing to much) and matching shoes

  8. Baby Said:

    (And yes, the flower on the waist is kind of ugly)

  9. Jean Said:

    She is lovely what ever she wears.

  10. Réxi Said:

    She’s stunning in everything, but I think this dress is pretty.

  11. Lily Hale Said:

    I think the dress is looks okay. I get that it’s not really red carpet style, but I think she pulled it off. I think I would remove the bow from the neckline and the sleeves, but other than that it’s okay. Also, the heels should have been a different color.
    It’s not hideous.
    But you are because you will lose this.

  12. Leyla Said:

    It looks okay.If you are so flawless,let us se a picture of your perfectness.If you live this fabulous life how come we never had any doubts at all who you are.Look at your self and then judge others.You may cal us your minions but we DO NOT worship you (at least some dont).Just another person who tinks they are someone but they are nobody because we don’t know who you are.

  13. Jeffrey Said:

    I find her good looking, but with that dress she looks just wonderfull, gorgeous and so many other gracious words.

  14. nakkers99 Said:

    I love this classy look! She looks great.

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