Hot Mess: Kesha the Cat Lady

I don’t understand cat people. What is the benefit of caring for an animal that not only sheds fur everywhere, but also one who regards you with more aloofness than Kristen Stewart uses toward the paparazzi/people in general? Granted, I don’t understand dog people either, but one mystery at a time here. I barely tolerate cat people living their weird feline-loving lives behind closed doors, but what I will simply not tolerate is cat fever bleeding into fashion. Yes, Kesha, I’m talking about you. The former perma-hot mess wore a cat print shirt (shudder) and cat print pants (double shudder) during her interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America today, and it was just brutal. Observe, in video form:

Where on earth would one even procure such a fashion disaster? Actually, don’t answer that: let’s not encourage the cat crazies out there to follow in Kesha’s footsteps. (Fine, for the sake of avoidance it’s Paul & Joe Sister, but truly do stay away).

This whole thing is a shame, really. I was almost about to give Kesha a most improved award for ditching the dollar sign in her name and cleaning up her look on Rising Star (hair color notwithstanding), and now she pulls THIS hot mess. It is just beyond.

Here’s a close-up if you are having and doubts about how terrible this pattern really is.

Just no.

If you must love cats, wear your love on your heart, dolls. Keep it far, far away from your sleeves, pant legs or any other external fashion statements. XOXO


  1. Noneofyourbusiness Said:

    Gosh forbid that someone be themselves and end up on this damn wannabe gossip website. The show ended. Give it a rest. I would love to see what you look like and your taste in clothing. Daydreaming of things you obviously can’t afford? If you want to spread gossip about something, put it towards something useful and beneficial. Mean girls aren’t cute, honey.

  2. Lpb Said:

    Wow. I actually loved Gossip Girl until I read this post.

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