Hot Mess: Kim Kardashian

I realize that Kim Kardashian could be my featured Hot Mess every day, but I do have to spread the hate around, you know. Instead I just save her for times when her outfits are truly tragic–even for Kim K.

And this is one of those times, darlings. I spied Kim walking around in public with a trash bag as a skirt. Don’t believe me? Observe, minions:

kim kardashian


Where do I even begin? Let’s start at the top. I’m cringing at the sight of Kim’s lady bits thisclose to falling out. Also, even though the shirt is sheer, it’s black and long sleeve. Hello, it’s spring, and she’s in LA where it’s clearly hot… perhaps you could say she’s not showing enough skin where it’s appropriate.

Now, on to the skirt. Oh… the skirt. Totally unflattering and an awkward length, this piece need to go in the trash can where it belongs. The color is drab (again, it’s spring!), and the boots paired with it make her look short and unproportional.

Do you agree with my rant about this look, or do you think Kim is actually making it work? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. Cheryl Said:

    She is a hot MESS. The skirt sagging in the ass is not flattering at all. I do not think her behind is attractive. Kanye is dressing her and he need a stylist to help. She used to be stylish, before Kanye, now look.

  2. Kimberly Davis Said:

    why isn’t this beautiful woman wearing a beautiful spring Easter looking dress of some sort? why is she wearing a trash bag? it makes her butt look baggy and she does look like a sweltering hot mess! I would much rather see her in a beautiful yellow Donna Reed style dress with pearls and pumps!!!!

  3. Cindy Said:

    Kim has never worn anything that fits her body type, and I agree, why wear black? They say Kanye is giving her fashion tips. YIKES!!!

  4. Erica Said:

    What’s so annoying is she knows this is “daring.” She knows this will get attention because it’s so fashion forward.. ughh maybe try fashion backwards. She also knows this look is really different and everyone will say it’s unflattering on her, but that’s almost why she wore it. To get everyone talking. You don’t think “celebs” like her take pictures of themselves in every angle before they leave the house? Shhiit.. she’s so full of herself, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

  5. Ariana Said:

    She is such an attention whore and like they say in showbiz bad attention is better than none…

  6. Danielle Said:

    Omg she looks ridiculous!I think saying she’s a hot mess was being nice. More like a nasty, trashy disgusting over rated mess!!!!

  7. Elaine Said:

    No Kim looks fine to me I think you are the hater here darling

  8. Lucille Said:

    You are 100% right – she is a hot mess. With all her millions, why is she constantly dressing like a street person? She should have the best & classiest wardrobe ever. I don’t even want to look at her anymore!

  9. lisa Said:

    bet this isnt even a yesterday or weekly pic of her. she is beautiful even in winter garbs, im actually jealous of her. bet this is old pic. really, now a days it posts date pics are taken. show proof its recent in hot weather. dont buy it for a HOT minute.

  10. rissa Said:

    actually … i think shhe knows what she’s doing … she started off as a celeb stylist guys … come on

  11. Marie S. Said:

    She looks terrible. The skirt is nasty & to tight at the bottem. Her behind looks terrible also. It is SPRING, Get up to date ,Kim. Ur suppose to a fashion queen, but ur not here. Damn, what did Kenye do to ur style..

  12. Leanne Said:

    Wow that isn’t even an outfit that’s called a potato sack.. and people say her fashion is bad since kanye, hell it’s always been horrible

  13. Sagri Said:


  14. ilian Said:

    Wow I think this is KK’s worst look ever, the skirt really did it though!:What a hot mess. She should have dressed more accordingly to the hot L.A weather!=D Oooops

  15. Jody B. Said:

    Wow. Every picture I’ve seen of her for the past loooong time has been a look like this, the long tight skirts and crop tops, no color, just plain awful! She used to dress cute, those days are gone and thats too bad bc she is a pretty girl.

  16. wheele Said:

    She is a TOTAL MASS, the only thing she lose to be great for was her body till she got up the duff by that wannabe Z lister tosser Kanye WHO.

    but she’s still useable fuckable thougj!!!!

  17. Nekesa Said:

    i love and adore kim think she has a great body and sense of style.

    but nooo nooo noo noo what happened today from the loose top to the skirt and raggy shoes no..
    she always nails whatever she sets her eyes on but today shes in need of fashion fixing…
    i love u kim but that outfit Nay!!!!

  18. rebecca Said:

    lol everybody on here is hating so badly :P such rude stuff has been said

  19. Sarana Said:

    So critical… Any wonder why young girls are depressed by the way others speak about difference we are all individuals if you don’t like what’s she’s wearing then don’t look! I’m sure every outfit all you have worn is perfect?? Thought not. Makes me so angry

  20. Sarana Said:

    Also how do you know that she has been wearing different clothes since Kanye? Do you see her everyday? Or are actually falling for the bullshit the press post!!? Now that’s gullible and extremely stupid if you think this don’t forget Kim’s a mom now so comfort is the key! Mature parents don’t care what others think why should they when they’ve got their world at home!

  21. Emma Said:

    This isn’t a critique it’s an attack..I don’t like what she is wearing at all but why tear her down cause other girls will read this and think this is the kind of abuse they’ll face if they wear the ‘wrong’ thing. There are children being killed as we speak all over the world and you are choosing to use your voice to rip a girl apart about a skirt? It’s this crap that’s making the world crazy..dick head

  22. deandre Said:

    Kim gets way to many hate that I think is totally irrelevant and innopropriate kim started as a celebrity stylist and which half of you admired her for .just because she is a celebraty does not mean she has to ddress up to anyones standdards how do you know she wasn’t trying a new style .kim and kanye are a couple if kanye been giving kim tips obviously hhes dressing her in what she likes and kim clearly only dresses yo impress her man .so all of you jump off your high horse and cut her some sla

  23. Tracie Mitchell Said:

    Everyone has a bad day even Kim. Sweet Jesus give her a break. I can’t imagine being followed everywhere and no matter what she does someone is always hating on her.

  24. Lisa Said:

    Usually her clothes are too tight, and yes she is often season inappropriate, lately tops too loose and boobs falling out bra showing it’s so open, and this skirt does not fit at ALL, horrible

  25. Vanessa Said:

    She knows what she is doing, she had to approve this unflattering pic of herself and she knew exactly how ppl would respond! She is so critical of her sisters and mothers style when they choose poorly, so I bet she did do this for the attention!!! No doubt about it!!! This chic is not stupid!!!!

  26. Melody Said:

    Ok guys were talking about Kim K, she can pull off anything! No matter what she wears she’s still absolutely beautiful…… Yes this is not a normal outfit for her but she’s a mom now and she needs more press good job keeping it going for her. Remember Chris H. Told her she wouldn’t even be relivant when she turns 40? We will see……..

  27. Lauren Said:

    I like all the Kardashians and like to see what they are wearing etc but this outfit is just wrong, if Kanye is dressing her he needs his eyes testing. The skirt makes her bum look bigger than what it is just not nice at all. She had a great sense of fashion before Kanye came along and for her to let her dress her wtf??? No woman should ever lose that sense of control to wear what they want. Kanye West comes across as a serious control freak.

  28. Kate Said:

    Gosh all you internet trolls need to chill out . Why would you need to come on here be rude to someone you most defo wouldn’t be rude to in real life. Take a step back and re read your comments now imagine if they were about you . This beautiful girl has just had a baby . And u can imagine her outfit is something she felt comfy in when she stepped out the house so what’s the deal? Will the world end because she didn’t pick something you thought was appropriate , and will she loose any sleep , no

  29. Connie Kelley Said:

    This look is totally ugly . This isnt a good look on her . I agree the black is not a pretty spring look . Kim should be in spring colors , and more fitting styles . Sorry Kim bust this look is a big ~0~ !

  30. Alisha Said:

    I’ve seen her dress better this isn’t her style it’s awful , makes her look short and dumpy which we all know is far from her look !!!

  31. charlotte reeves Said:

    well i have days when i am in a hurry 2 and dont always wear something clever and beautiful and she may have just been going 2 grab a coffee lol

  32. Vanessa Archibald Said:

    She totally looks uncomfortable and that outfit doesn’t work at all. the skirt is like a garbage bag for real and long skirt and long sleeve doesn’t go together. that outfit is wack

  33. blair Said:

    Sorry but she looks so ridiculous…She is the biggest hoe…Her face looks like a monkey & her body makes me want to puke. When will these trashions ever go away…………….

  34. kathy Said:

    Looks like she pooped her pants .Awful outfit

  35. sue good Said:

    Who ever is dressing Kim needs to be fired.I agree with the other people’s comments on here that it is spring AND she lives in California! Why is she wearing boots,long sleeved dark dreary get ups? The skirts make her build look real weird.It is springtime in California she should be wearing airy light beautiful clothing and pretty sandals!

  36. Megan Leavell Said:

    This is definitely a fall outfit and she shouldn’t be wearing this in spring. Not only is it an ugly ass outfit and does not compliment her and her body what so ever but it also seems very last minute and thrown together. I’m not really sure what she was thinking walking out of the house wearing such an outfit but its very distasteful and not flattering by any means. She is such a beautiful woman and has a killer body and great fashion sense, so she definitely F’d up on this one! Sorry Kim lol!!

  37. Shawn Marie Said:

    How did this fashion nightmare make the cover of Vogue?! Seriously such a mess. Anna should be ashamed of herself.

  38. Olivia Said:

    Looks like she’s wearing a diaper. Maybe she’s taking fashion advice from North?

  39. rebeca Said:

    i like kims skirt, but not with those boots. and I also don’t think its an awkward length.

  40. Karema Said:

    First of all she is not even in the United States right now! She is getting ready for her wedding this weekend. This is an old picture and people need to not believe everything they read. It sounds like the original poster is the one looking to make attention off of Kim!

  41. Sabrina Dawson Said:

    its her outfit why do u care or anyone else for that matter what she looks like or wears for that matter???? there’s enough hate in this world already!!!! Why do people get off from making fun of others when we all have our own faults we need to deal with!!!

  42. joy Said:

    I love Kim. Kanye loves Kim. All u fucking looser haters can go drown n die. Ul never make it half where she is. Nonsense!

  43. Desiree Marie Papanastassiou Said:

    Shame on You Kim
    You were doing good

  44. Serenity Said:

    This is just worlds of wrong and ill-fitting on her body FAIL FAIL FAIL!

  45. Maya Said:

    This is the one time Kanye let her dress herself…lol

  46. Alicia Said:

    She has a big ass , her sister Chloe it’s prettier even thou they are all just trashy biatches , attention hoogers

  47. Karen Said:

    Yes, she is a mess. And there is no such word as unproportional. The correct term is disproportionate.

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