Hot Mess: Kris Jenner’s New Cookbook

Kris Jenner has told a lot of lies over the years ranging from “Kylie’s lips are real” to “I have a soul,” but by far the worst is her current fib: that she’s a good cook.

“I finally got so tired of sharing my recipes one-by-one with everybody that asked, that it just made sense to do a book and put it all together,” she told E! News as she promoted her new (snicker) cookbook called In The Kitchen With Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Recipes, out in October.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Hold on lambs, give me a moment while I finish snickering into my French martini. Kris Jenner? A chef? I wouldn’t trust her to pour my Fresca into a glass let alone prepare an entire meal without the fire department on standby. So what are these oh so epic recipes that simply must be available to the world? Buckle up, because they’re pretty complicated.

“I make a really mean grilled cheese sandwich,” she boasts. “So Mason and Penelope love my grilled cheese sandwiches.”

Grilled. Cheese. Sandwiches. That is her biggest culinary brag? Just to be clear, Mason and Penelope are babies, and they’ll eat paste and Play-Doh.


  1. helen Said:

    I would NOT buy a cookbook from Kris Jenner..She has chef that cook for them. Is she kidding all for more $$

  2. ana Said:

    hahahahaahah!!! cookbook! the only thing she is an experct is plastic surgery, you can tell her real age by looking at her very old hands!!! nobody can keep in that shape ,lie about the “good genes” without looking at their hans , thats all am sayiing ,i wonder if they recognize each other after all the plastic the have got

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