Hot Mess: Kristen Stewart

Spotted: a Boca Raton granny in her fanciest attire for a night out at the slot machines… Oh, what’s that? That’s NOT an 84-year-old woman on a tour bus trip to the casino? Oh my, how embarrassing. I could have sworn...

Let’s try this again… I spied Kristen Stewart wearing what could possibly be her fugliest ensemble ever while at a dinner party in Cannes late last week. The Twilight actress showed up in a sequined Chanel jumpsuit and paired the look–which already aged her by 50 years–with the same sneakers my grandmother wears when she goes for walks with her besties in Central Park. Yes, I’d NEVER make fun of anything my Grandmother would wear, for she has one of the finest clothing collections on the Upper East Side, but even she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sneakers with anything that was sparkly.

Kristen Stewart and Chloe Moretz arriving at the Majestic Barriere hotel


Is this the worst combination ever? Would adding cute heels help this look at all, or is the jumpsuit destined to make anyone who wears it look like a senior citizen? Give me your opinions in the comments, darlings! XOXO

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  1. Mary Said:

    Heals may have helped the situation but either way she looks pretty washed out :/

  2. Abby Parsons Said:

    The jumpsuit is fabulous , but the sneakers got to go , wth was she thinking :D
    I would have put a pair of highs with it , & added a necklace , this outfit is just plain
    boring . <3 much love , Abigail .xoxo

  3. laila Said:

    Its called a “jump suite” .. very popular now-a-days in my country

  4. s Said:

    Omg GG my eyes burn now!!! She has the most badest touch of ste around. She makes Gaga and Katy perry look good.

  5. me Said:

    She had heels on, Chanel gave her sneakers as she was leaving her premiere. But yeah.. I’d politely decline.

  6. Linda Said:

    This is the Chanel runway look!! She did not randomly pick those sneakers! And she was wearing high heels on the red carpet! Get your information right, people!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous Said:

    who the fuck still says *fugly* ?!? what is this .. 2001?

  8. K Said:

    Are you joking? Do you know nothing about the Chanel SS14 line? This is the exact look that was on the runway and she pulls it off amazingly. You’re criticising Kristen when in fact, if you don’t like the outfit you should be criticising Chanel. Everyone just jumps at the chance to say something negative about her.

  9. Oh please Said:

    She looked adorable. Omg what is wrong with the writer? I actually think she looks simple yet cute and fresh.

  10. Mari36 Said:

    OMG… the sneakers.. NO!

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