Hot Mess: Kylie Jenner

As you know darlings, one of my cornerstone fashion tenants is to always dress appropriately for an occasion. Do not show up in riding boots to a wedding, nor a floor-length Marchesa for a kid’s birthday party. Not like I’d ever go to a child’s party (so sticky) but you get the point. But apparently, Kylie Jenner didn’t. The teenage reality star turned up to a fundraiser in LA looking like she’s a brooding poetry major at an all-female college…in winter:

Kendall Jenner The Imagine Ball - Arrivals

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Ugh. Kylie. We get it. You’re a teenager and you’re moody and need to express how dark and twisty and unique you are. WE ALL GET IT. But this look is not okay. Just so we’re clear on how totally off her attire was, let’s examine the event shall we? The Imagine Ball was billed as a “very fun night full of music & awareness around homelessness in Los Angeles” and was held at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.

Clearly, it wasn’t a tux-and-tails kind of gala and a “rocker chic” ensemble would’ve been acceptable, but really Kylie. This? It’s August in Southern California, there’s no need to be so bundled up and dreary.

Although, I don’t hate her leather leggings–if only she’d paired them with strappy stilettos and a mod top! But at least her makeup is on point, and she’s ditched her hideous green hair. Next time Ky, please read the fine print on the invitation. “Cocktail attire” was on there for a reason…XOXO.


  1. Vinícius Said:

    nah, she looks gorgeous. wrong pick, guys

  2. Paul Said:

    A girl can turn up in all black it’s trendy piss off

  3. Amanda Foote Said:

    OH MY GOD! She is wearing a long sleeved black shirt, and black pants in August. We should seriously shun her, I don’t even know what she was thinking. Maybe you should try harder and you might write something good.

  4. m Said:

    the top is way too big

  5. Brianna Said:

    I think dressing in all black is completely acceptable. If it makes her happy, why would you insult her for it?

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