Hot Mess: Kylie Jenner’s Buzzcut

Kylie Jenner‘s new haircut is much like her. On the outside, cute and not totally offensive:

Kylie Jenner Teen Choice Awards 2014 - Arrivals

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But the deeper you get, the less there is.

Kylie Jenner haircut


The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star explained her intense decision-making process to E! News: “I shaved the back of my head for my birthday. I was just doing my hair and I was like: ‘Why not shave the back of my head?'”

Ah, the young and the reckless. This sure will be fun to grow out! But big sis Kim Kardashian once rocked this look and she loved it, so there’s that. “I did that haircut when I was 12 years old,” KK admitted. “The cool thing is to do the back of your head and then wear a ponytail. I might do it. I should.” I wonder what Kanye would think about that one…

Is this Kylie’s worst hair idea ever, or is there another one that takes the cake? Give me your opinions in a comment below, darlings. XOXO


  1. Bri Said:

    she’s clearly just doing what she wants, damn

  2. Miss KT Danger Said:

    I did mine and coloured it something funky. It’s a great way to keep cool in heat!

  3. Toby Lapin Said:

    Nothing about the Kardashian’s especially anything eccentric and avant garde they do surprises me, as long as it is gossip-worthy isn’t that the whole idea? don’t we get that by now? duh! :)

  4. Melissa Said:

    Kids were doing this in the 90’s…it wasn’t a big deal then and it’s not now. You can’t even see it unless she puts her hair up.

  5. Jennifer Garcia Said:

    I honestly think she can pull it off. And people have always been doing the shaving thing. I think it is a cool thing to do!

  6. Dahliah Said:

    It’s ugly but it’s her choice. She can do whatever she wants to. Even if it’s stupid.

  7. Mackenzie Said:

    GG, although I may adore the three Kardashian sisters the Jenner girls are a no from me. This cut is weird but not as bad as her terrible blue ombré style. xoxo

  8. Angie Said:

    I’ve contemplated doing that a lot, less hair to deal with, no one can see it unless your hair is up, which mine rarely is unless it’s an unmanageable day. Overly thick haired people have probably thought about doing this every day. Ugh.. Let the shaven heads begin #shavingmyheadnow

  9. kenzie lopes Said:

    sorry but why the fuck do you slam james franco so badly on every post… it really disgusts me because i adore him and i think its fine to write a story, but you don’t need to add the little comments and i think you need to learn about writing and how when you write a story you are supposed to write in an un-biased way. you fucking disgust me.

  10. kenzie lopes Said:

    and i only posted that comment on this post because on every one i read about james it wouldnt allow comments

  11. Nate Said:

    Hard to tell with kids today, but come on. A total lesbian thang to do.

  12. Renee Said:

    A lot of girls did this when I was in high school. At least she didn’t shave the side of her head. And how many times do you see her in the public with her hair up? Never.

  13. Cheriss Said:

    This cut is nothing new. It is so 1990’s. It’s so strange to me that people get such a shock out of styles or trends that were popular 10, 20, and even 30 years ago. There is nothing new about this look or any of the looks these girls are sporting these days. A lot of my friends had this hair style when I was in middle school. Get it girl! But hey, heres a thought, make a NEW trend. Be original! Just sayin…

  14. julie Said:

    i was expecting to click on this article and see the rest of the it say “just kidding it’s the best”

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