Hot Mess: Lady Gaga’s New Look

Lady Gaga is no stranger to changing up her appearance at the drop of a hat, and when I first spied her this weekend at a benefit in the Hamptons, I thought this may be her best yet. But then two very terrifying scary words echoed through my brain…

Bleached. Eyebrows. 


I don’t care how famous you are nor how much natural beauty you possess, erasing your brows is a catastrophic mistake. As is Lady Gaga’s new septum piercing and her seeming aversion to lip balm. A chapped pucker is never in fashion, minions.

But, if she were to ditch the heavy metals, dye her brows back to a non-corpse color and slather on some ChapStick, then LG could look downright lovely au natural, don’t you think darlings? Or, without all of her costumes and finery, is she just a plain jane who is tres forgettable?

Lady Gaga leaving her London hotel dressed as a statue



  1. cwj Said:

    she’s trying to change appearance like the Girl with Dragon Tattoo

  2. ezgi Said:

    No, I think she is trying to get attention.

  3. laura Said:

    she’s just gaga

  4. Katie Said:

    She’s not ‘just trying to get attention’ … minus the eyebrows and the piercing, this is literally exactly what she looked like before she was famous. For once, she’s just… herself. And it’s awesome.

  5. snaaltee Said:

    uh. I agree, I think that she just wants attention. wow, but you can barely see her eyebrows!!! ahhahaaa gotta love gaga

  6. punkViolet Said:

    That isn’t even a real piercing, it’s just a clip on on. What a cacaface fraud.

  7. Missy Said:

    She is intentionally changing her appearance temporarily to try to disguise all the plastic surgery she has had.. If she just popped up with a brand new face everyone would immediately be able to tell, she thinks if she looks wacky people will just be like WOAH LOOK AT THOSE WEIRD EYEBROWS, instead of saying WOW SHE GOT A NOSEJOB. in a few weeks/months, she will go back to normal makeup and hair, and it will be balantantky obvious she was getting facial surgery, not hip surgery.

  8. yepyepyep Said:

    Bing Bing Bing! @Missy Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  9. jimmy zee Said:

    What a beast !

  10. laaame Said:

    didn’t she once claim she was allergic to bleach?

  11. Jen Said:

    Speaking as 1) a redhead with blonde eyebrows & eyelashes and 2) an actor/performer….
    Blonde eyebrows as an actor/performer are really handy to have. I can draw/color them in however I want them to be on any given show night. For someone as theatrical as Gaga, I can only imagine what kind of tricks she has up her sleeve. This could just be a convenient means to an end for an upcoming photo shoot/video/etc. Eyebrows grow fast. Worry about your own, not hers.

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