Hot Mess: Lana Del Rey

Spotted: Lana Del Rey at Nylon magazine’s party celebrating her new cover and darlings, I can’t even sugarcoat it (do I ever?): I hate every single thing about her outfit.

lana del rey


First and foremost, this look was far too casual for the soiree. In fact, I can’t think of a single time that jeans on a red carpet is a wise choice. But when you’re celebrating gracing the cover of a fashion magazine, I would have thought LDR would’ve pulled a fun dress or even chic pantsuit from her closet, wouldn’t you? But instead, we get this. 

Let’s break down this look piece by piece, shall we? From the neck up, LDR looks great, as always (even if her extensions are a little too long). But a see-through shirt was a woefully terrible choice. Not only is it tacky and on anyone, it does nothing for Lana’s figure. Neither do those dreadful mom jeans, and you know how I feel about wedge shoes, minions: EPIC DON’T, especially in autumn. Plus, the jacket is boxy and cheap looking.

A better option? This look she rocked during a recent performance:

lana del rey


A flowing dress that draws the eye to the waistline and elongates arms is a much better option for her shape, don’t you think? In fact, I’d say that dresses are almost always a better bet than pants, unless you happen to be built like Kendall Jenner.

What’s your feeling on LDR’s leathery look? Totally on-trend and fun, or weird and unflattering? Don’t hold back dolls, you know I never do…XOXO.




  1. Jasmina Said:

    It’s totally outdated! I expected a lot more from LDR.. Honestly did she forget to look in the mirror?

  2. Sarah Said:

    The black outfit would´t be so bad if it were´t for the jeans. I think the white dress is way too short.

  3. Alicia Said:

    What the hell???? She looks gorgeous, you’re all just jelous about het stunning bod and beautiful outfits. Sarah and Jamsmina is it? Stop being jelous, it’s not good for you. °̩ know you just wanna look like Lana but you have the brainds and she has the looks, so don’t waste your time bitching about things that are clearly NOT true…. °̩ think she looks amazing, very well dressed and her outfits flatter ever inch of her beaut of a bod.. ♡

  4. reana Said:

    The look is okay. …but not for her body..would look good on someone really tall n thin….the jeans are definitely ugly..don’t these people have actual stylists picking their outfits….

  5. Brooke Said:

    Lana Del Rey . . . a pant suit? Are you kidding me right now? She has too many fucks not to give to be worried about what everyone thinks of her outfit. Lana is obviously not your typical Hollywood star, she shouldn’t be treated like one.

  6. Sophia Said:

    Just get your comment and put it in your asshole

  7. Amanda Said:

    The shoot for the issue was 90s themed… I think she did a good job considering it was the theme of the issue and she can do whatever and still be flawless anyways.

  8. M Said:

    Oh. Puh-leasee. Her jacket’s from Saint Laurent Paris. And GG, you obviously don’t know that she has such a gangster soul. I adore her for being herself and so untypical. Love you, Lana.

  9. Marita Said:

    The only part I don’t like is the shirt/ top. She could have changed it for a colourful and covering one!

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