Hot Mess: Lena Dunham’s Bleach Blonde Bowl Cut

Spotted: Lena Dunham paying homage to boy bands and teen heartthrobs of the 90s with a bleach blonde bowl cut that has to be a wig right? Right?!

Lena Dunham Bleach Blonde Bowl Cut


Afraid not, darlings. It looks like Lena made this platinum hue and awkward cut permanent, so you can stop laughing at the joke and start laughing at the fact that this is her real hair.

Lena posted a caption with the pic saying, “Change is good,” although I think she left off the part that reads, “But this is not.”

The color washes Lena’s face out, and those dark eyebrows are distracting. But nothing is worse than the shape of this ‘do, which has absolutely no style. Give me Miley Cyrus‘ hair over this any day (I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth!)

But what do you think, my little lambs? Do I need to lighten up on Lena’s new look or do you agree she needs to go back to her roots asap?


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