Hot Mess: Lindsay Lohan

I know darlings, I was shocked too when I saw that Lindsay Lohan turned up at a gala looking like a hot mess. SHOCKED, I tell you (JK). But, it’s true. My spy across the pond spotted LiLo donning a dreadful peacock-inspired mini-dress at the very classy Gala for Gabrielle’s Angels Foundation in London.

lindsay lohan 'Gabrielle's Gala' fundraiser - Arrivals


Poor Lindsay. She clearly doesn’t know the difference between sideboob and sidesag. This Julien Macdonald look does not work for a girl who’s spent her perky-breast years drinking and drugging away her once-cute figure. But not even her horrendous dress could distract me from those ratty, $8 extensions that she didn’t even bother to style.

Linds, please get a bra, some self-tanner and a hairstylist who likes a challenge. Or better yet, simply stay home. You know you love me…XOXO.

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  1. mark Said:

    good god! she looks horrible.

  2. mark Said:

    …and unpleasantly fragrant! her corn whistle might even be more rank than kim kardashian’s – well….maybe not that repugnant, but still…blagh.

  3. Toyah Said:

    **I’m sorry but this is a horrid article.. I love reading your articles but this one is rather mean and tacky that I had to leave a comment.. Lindsay gone through a lot so for her to even get the courage to get back in the spotlight is amazing and I’m so proud of her but to say a dress doesn’t look good on her because of her breasts and her figure is a low blow! You know you love me!** xoxo

  4. viv Said:

    I think the photo is Photoshop or something like that.
    She is gorgeous even if she looks like that for real. Leave her alone.
    I wish to watch her in movies like old times soon… love ya linsay! Xoxo

  5. Vikki Burtonile Said:

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  6. kim Said:

    I totally agree with Toyah. Poor written article. She looks fine. You’re a little too harsh.

  7. michelle Said:

    Yikes! Alcohol and drugs do take their toll on one’s body. Lindsay is looking like she’s in her 40’s.

  8. jaster Said:

    This photo is crazy fake. The Photoshop job is horrid. It looks like a cartoon replaced the center of her chest and you can see jagged pixels where her sideboob was edited. Nice try.

    What is the point of Photoshoping a picture.. Doing it very badly and then slamming a chick? She’s an idiot no doubt but you are worse than she is for posting this crap

  9. John Gerard Said:

    Michael Jordan was an over-rated homeboy.

  10. Gema Said:

    This photo is not fake, the chest area till the neck and the side have a light fabric, that is why you see “pixels”

  11. vanna Said:

    I agree with Toyah – this was a mean and tasteless article. Lindsay was going to a fundraiser for a good cause and she looks good. Who is anyone here to judge how someone looks? There is too much pressure on actors and actresses in Hollywood to conform to a standard appearance. This article perpetuates a “mean girl” attitude.

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