Hot Mess: Nikki Reed

I’d never even heard/cared about the Creative Arts Emmys until one of my minions texted me a pic of Nikki Reed from the red carpet. It was, shall we say, a look I couldn’t ignore:

Nikki Reed 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Did she find this Versace dress on the side of the road? Because it doesn’t fit her at all. Too loose in the top, too long and puddled in length, this look is wrong wrong wrong. The netted seaming is a little too sexy for Nikki to pull off, and the wrinkles on the satin gown are distracting.

And can we talk about that halter top again please? I need a search party to find her breasts. This look is better suited to a vampy star like Sofia Vergara, or at least someone who has a decent tailor on speed dial. But this doesn’t work for a hippie hottie like Nikki.

If you were NR’s stylist, how would you try to salvage this look? Or is it hopeless? Even though this look loses, having a BF like Ian Somehalder means she’s always winning…xoxo.


  1. Isabella Said:

    In all honesty I kinda like it the only thing I don’t like is the clutch and the length of it.

  2. nikki Said:

    It’s wrinkled and saggy! Even at my job they require our uniforms to be ironed and professional looking.

  3. Vicky Said:

    I mean, just adjust it a little bit and maybe iron and it would have been perfect, because the dress is spectacular and she is H O T T.

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