Hot Mess: Rachel McAdams

I use the term “hot” loosely because this hot mess must be freezing Rachel McAdams’ little A-list arse off. Whether you’re as well endowed as Katy Perry or practically pancake flat, super low-cut designs like this one from Suno are rarely a flattering choice. (In fact, when this dress was first shown on the runway, the model wore a shirt underneath it.) Don’t you think this “peek-a-boob” look needs to go into hiding?

Photograph from PR Photos


  1. Tamara Said:

    The dress is ugly! Not meant for such a pretty woman like Rachel!

  2. Celene Said:

    The neckline is fine but not the cut-out part at the sides! It reminds me of a school jumper or something. Love her shoes though!

  3. Amandamileyfan Said:


  4. Diana Said:

    I don’t like any celeb to wear anything low cut; especially like that. Luv her though.

  5. jessicat Said:

    I see nothing wrong with this dress whatsoever!

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  7. jordan Said:

    not only do i hate the dress on her but she does not look good as a blonde!!

  8. Sanne Said:

    Wow her shoes are way to big!

  9. Jana Said:

    I think the dress looks a little country-ish and is not worthy enough for the red carpet–or whatever that was. I think Rachel is a very pretty lady, but this shot makes her look old.

    Her shoes are fine, very fine but it doesn’t match the dress whatsoever.

    What has gone into her? Though truly, it’s her decision. I’m just here to share my opinion.

  10. Tweets that mention Hot Mess: Rachel McAdams | Gossip Girl -- Said:

    @jordan: I personally think that Rachel is very pretty, just the dress on her is very, very disastrous.

    @Sanne: Hmm… the shoes look okay to me!

    @Jana: The dress IS pretty country-ish. I don’t think that was the red carpet, no, but Rachel is definitely getting older these days. It’s not all about the ugly dress she’s showing off, J. Yes, yes. Everyone is here to share their opinion. Maybe we should get Jenny to fix her a dress LOL.

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