Hot Mess: Rita Ora

There are so many things wrong with this picture of Rita Ora. My British spies caught the Rihanna wannabe arriving for her flight in this: Click here to see the pic!

Ugh. Where do I even begin? How about I start by initiating a game of tic-tac-toe on that atrocious pattern? Or I could pull her shirt down to expose that it’s not really supposed to be a mid-drift (you see that weird fold-up too, right?) Horrible! Just horrible.

The only thing that’s working on her entire Abba-inspired look is her pair of aviator sunglasses. It’s a good thing she had those to shield her eyes from the ugliness of the outfit — I’m about to go blind just looking at it.


rita ora



  1. Nina Schmidt Said:

    I agree. The orange does not go with her skin tone at all and the design of the outfit is too masculine for her. None of the accessories do anything to save this look, just add to the dullness.

  2. Annaliese Said:

    I didn’t know the circus was in town! The conductor of disaster lol this would be more suitable as a tablecloth for a kids Halloween party! Rita Horror!

  3. Susan Said:

    It’s not that bad, better than men wearing shorts and baseball caps like five year olds on flights. And the word is midriff by the way, not mid-drift.

  4. Rummor Said:

    Is is Halloween already??

  5. Sarah Said:

    IDK, it looks kind of funky Sixties. It’s definitely not something I’d wear, but I don’t think it’s anything worth cornea-burning.

  6. henry the hoover Said:

    Let’s see what you’re wearing then, anonymous gossip girl. Easy to dish out the vitriol from behind a veil of anonymity…

  7. Ruthie3 Said:

    If the plane goes down, the first responders can find her immediately!

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