Hot Mess: Rita Ora

As I’ve mentioned, I have a real problem with Rita Ora’s “celebrity” status. I realize that you European minions consider her your native Katy Perry, but to us Americans…who even is she? I cannot name one single song she sings, nor have I ever heard her speak. She’s like the music industry’s Pippa Middleton–just why?

Unfortunately, Rita did little to quell my aggressive boredom with her latest outfit. Please observe what she chose to wear to visit Fox and Friends (another why of a show):

Rita Ora Visits "Fox & Friends"

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

She looks like a deranged Sia impersonator at a space-themed costume party. What is she wearing?? This dress! An ill fitting, unflattering, tinfoil nightmare if there every was one. And her hair is equally terrifying. I sincerely hope that’s a wig. And would you like to get a closer look at her shoes? You may want to borrow an Ativan from your mum first…

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

What is even happening here?! True, Katy Perry will show up with slime-green hair and a bra made of candy, but her looks, while kooky, are always flattering. That’s how she pulls them off!

What do you think of RO’s latest style? Sound off in the comments below!

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