Hot Mess: Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis, the poser offspring of Bruce and Demi, is only a celebrity in the most marginal, tangential sense–but that doesn’t mean we can’t tear her looks to shreds, now does it darlings? Of course not. If Ru is unwise enough to put herself in front of a camera in the following outfit, she’s obviously inviting me to judge it, n’est ce pas?

rumer willis


This dreadful ensemble is what Rumer chose to wear to Marquee Dayclub, a boozy Las Vegas pool party, and for the life of me, I can’t find one thing about it that isn’t totally terrible.

Firstly, black and/or a sequined mini skirt have no place amongst your beachwear. Ditto with her orthopedic-looking shoes and frizzy, fried “ombre” hair. The most tragic part is that she actually seems to have a decent figure, but this faux-hipster look detracts from whatever tiny bits of natural beauty she may have.

What’s your go-to beach outfit? Do you glam it up in wedges and luxe caftans? Or is a tee and jorts all you need to strut around the sand?

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  1. Serena Van der Woodsen (?) Said:

    Ok this girl went a little bit crazy, u don’t go like that to a pool party R ! Bad mistake XX

  2. Erin Said:

    Jesus sandals are only suppose to be worn by Jesus! For good reasons as Rumer so graphically proved…

  3. ac Said:

    the shoes are hideous. the cover-up all wrong as are those platinum extensions. the bikini top would have been fine with the mini-skirt only and a pair of cute flip flops.

  4. D Said:

    HELL NO! Why?

  5. Eric Said:

    She shouldn’t ever be out in public unless she has a paper bag or a mask on her face. She is visually assaulting. She looks like she got punched in the jaw and the swelling never went down.

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