Hot Mess: Taylor Momsen

It’s been awhile since my minions spotted Taylor Momsen and I’d hoped that she had used her time out of my watchful eye to, I don’t know, shop at a store other than Dominatrix Warehouse. But alas, I spied TM strolling through the Tokyo airport ahead of her Pretty Recklace concert looking like Marilyn Manson’s little sister in a pair of heinous Frankenstein boots, velvet dress and oh-so-spooky occult accessories.

Basically Tay has become a walking Goth cliche. What’s next, she changes her name to Mistress Fangoria?

Little J, darling, if you’re reading this please don’t spend another minute in the clearance section of Hot Topic. Remember that your skin, hair and body are still beyond gorgeous and please dress accordingly. You know you (still) love me…XOXO.

Taylor Momsen




  1. Faih208 Said:

    I’am a big fan of her music and (almost) always love her style but those shoes are TERRIBLE!They suck even for her!Can’t she see that the shoes are TOO big for her feet?(or for anyone’s feet)?How can she walk with those?They must be heavy!

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