Hot Mess: The Wanted

Is there something happening with young It Boys, darlings? Twice in as many days I’ve found male starlets making my Hot Mess list, which is tres unusual. But really darlings, I had no choice when it comes to The Wanted¬†(um didn’t they break up?) considering they looked like this to host the Rehab pool party at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas…

The Wanted At Rehab Pool Las Vegas


Let’s break their looks down boy-by-boy, shall we?

First we have Siva, who at first glance seems the best dressed of them all. Then you realize he’s wearing platform shoes (WHY) and pants that zip into shorts. And is the all-black really the best choice for a pool party? He looks like the security guard.

Next is Max George, who looks like he’s made of plastic. Boring, moving on. Tom Parker obviously got some bad advice about what’s cool to wear–hint Tom, it’s NEVER JORTS, even if you cuff them. Nathan Sykes looks like he’s wearing orthopedic shoes and a bad toupee, while Jay McGuinness is the only one who looks even remotely ready for a poolside party. Unfortunately, that pool is located in the back of a trailer park in Mobile, Alabama.

In sum, they all look dreadful but in their uniquely dreadful way. What’s the ideal outfit a boy should wear to a summertime soiree? Seersucker and boat shoes? A muscle tank and Rainbows? Vilebrequin¬†boardies and nothing else? Sound off sweethearts, summer is just around the corner….

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