Hot Mess: Zendaya Coleman

Spotted: Zendaya Coleman promoting her new CD at Planet Hollywood in Times Square. As if that location weren’t horrific and embarrassing enough, she chose to wear this: 

zendaya coleman


This Etro outfit makes me dizzy, darlings–and not with delight. I can’t even tell where the top ends and the pants begin, nor do I particularly want to. Even the brand recommended you wear either the top or the pants, not both together, but Z didn’t listen and this is the tragic result.

Perhaps if she’d left the top un-tucked it could’ve camouflaged the weird chaps-like design on the pant front. But tell me minions, how could you have saved this outfit? Or would you just give up and set it on fire?

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  1. fay Said:

    Lol idk what you’re talking about, she looks fab.

  2. Anna Said:

    I would have worn a black skirt, left the top unbuttoned, with a tank top underneath. Actually, I wouldn’t have bought either of those. She just.. that’s awful.

  3. chris Said:

    Well, she definetely doesnt look as terrible as you are describing it. I like this look

  4. Tyler Crews Said:

    Plain black or yellow flowy top with the pants, blue clutch, braided low bun with the bangs pulled back with a simple pinned twist, simple black closed toe heels, but not pointy toe pumps

  5. Nancy villa Said:

    It’s not as bad as you describe I don’t think it’s bad at all.

  6. Linnea Djurfeldt Said:

    I would start whit those awful shoos and work my way up…

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