Hot Mess: Zosia Mamet

At this point, it’s almost impressive how Girls star Zosia Mamet manages to seek out the ugliest clothes on the planet. Today’s example: this dreadful blush colored tapered-leg pantsuit by Elisabetta Franchi that Z wore to the UK premiere of her HBO hit.

zosia mamet


Everything. J’deteste everything about this look, from top (her silly to-the-brows eyeshadow) to bottom (those ill-matching shoes and too-short pant legs). Did I mention they were tapered legs? Because they are and I feel that it bears repeating.

The original model donned this look with a wide belt, but honestly, I can’t think of anything that could’ve saved this look, not even my go-to solution of slapping on a statement necklace. And darlings if there’s something that even diamonds can’t fix, you know you’re in real trouble!

Do you loathe this look as much as I do?

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  1. fran Said:

    hey, I loved it, it is totally different… shut up and improve your fashion taste

  2. Vinícius Said:

    The outfit looks good, it’s just not meant for her

  3. Katie Said:

    I agree the eyeshadow is too dark, but I disagree on the outfit. I LOVE IT.

  4. Britney Said:

    First of all it’s je deteste, if you’re gonna be conceited and try and use French at least learn the language. Second, this jumpsuit/pantsuit isn’t even a hot mess. Not particularly flattering or pretty, but definitely not a hot mess. Lame post.

  5. Lily Said:

    It really isn’t my taste. I hate every pantsuit. They all look like shit.
    A dress or whatever is what looks classy enough for a red carpet. F OFF BITCHES! SMCH (suck my cock hard)

  6. chris Said:

    Wow. She always looks as though she was TRYING to look frumpy and ugly.

  7. Gossip Girl Hater Said:

    Seriously, GG, how is this even ugly. For a supposed fashion expert, you know nothing.

  8. kk Said:

    Love it. She doesnt really have the right ‘look’ to pull it off. But its a gorgeous style.

  9. S Said:

    I think she looks good! would have been better with some bright colored pumps, but def not a hot mess.

  10. butterfly Said:

    I think you are ill- matching your website ;)

  11. Heather Hat Said:

    The eyeshadow was too much. The outfit was cute. I would have worn a solid color shoe though… Like, maybe gold… Or Hell, black. She could have/should have done a lot more with this look. I mainly just don’t like the bold lip/bold eye thing she has going.

  12. Eliza Said:

    First of all the colour of the jumpsuit is so bland she might as well be naked. Nothing is flattering her skin tone, but most importantly..she is not hot at all! She cannot be caracterized as hot mess!!

  13. B Said:

    I think the outfit is okay, you can wear this in day or night affairs. It didn’t flatter her. She’s short.

    Although the shoes are just okay (because I could use this in other attire)it is too plain and too safe especially she matched it with the same color as her pantsuit. She looks short.

    Actually, what I really first noticed was the hideous make up! Her foundation is not the same as her skin tone. Moreover, the eye make up suck, she looked 20 years older.

  14. alicefrenchgirl Said:

    wah the outfit is greaaaaaaat ! but for someone with black skin it would’ve been better. sorry queen Z.

  15. Diamond Said:

    Why could I not agree more..

  16. yoanne Said:

    gossip girl u just lost u credibility cose this jump suit is so not a hot mess but u post are.

  17. lola Said:

    This outfit is not a hot mess, calm down with the critical posts. Some I agree with, but theres no need to be bitchy for the hell of it.
    Stay classy.

  18. kate Said:

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