How Many Times Has Justin Bieber Tweeted the Word “Swag?”

This was definitely an issue that needed investigating….

The Huffington Post recently posted a comprehensive chart revealing the celebrities who use the word “swag” the most in their tweets. Interestingly enough, Justin Bieber was not in the number one spot. He sadly came in second to Soulja Boy (that guy is still a thing?)

SB apparently tweeted the word 222 times, while JB tweeted it a measly 133 times. I’m totes disappointed in Justin — I mean, what good is having a swagger coach if you don’t come in at number 1 on a list that’s all about swag? And losing to that guy who I haven’t heard about since 2007? Disgraceful!

But really, do you think people who use the word that much are overcompensating for something, or does it just come naturally to those who have it? Let’s discuss! XOXO

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  1. Salt Said:

    He’s from Stratford Ontario home of the Stratford theatre where the likes of William Shatner have preformed Shakespeare.
    So no, the word ‘swag’ does not come naturally to the biebs.

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