I Will Always Love You: Preview 2

I promised you’d be the first to know, so here’s another excerpt from my new book, I Will Always Love You

Dan idly scrolled through his phone book. He didn’t have many numbers stored—just some other creative writing majors from college, his dad, Jenny, and Serena. As he reached the end of the list, he paused at the lone V. Every other entry had a first and last name, but he’d just put a V for Vanessa the first time he’d programmed her into his phone and never bothered to change it. He’d always sort of loved the simplicity of it. Why would he ever need to say more than that?

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  3. Hannah Said:

    HEY, I AM SOOOO EXCITED, I WANNA KNOW WHO NATE CHOSE. SERENA OR BLAIR?? PS: GO TO http://hannahbrook9.blogspot.com/
    (”)_(”) Psycho bunny :)

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